Modern Parent Must-Have Products

Modern parenting is a whole new world where moms and dads constantly strive for excellence – if they’re not searching for the next best thing, they’re inventing it.  Whether it’s having the top of the line baby stroller or heart-rate-monitor crib sheets, there’s no shortage of incredible products to add to a baby registry.  We’re also finding that more and more retailers are branching into family, lifestyle products, like Best Buy, which now offers everything from gliders and change pads to strollers and diaper pails.

(1) Baby Brezza Formula Pro, Walmart Canada , $179


This is the revolutionary, new way of preparing baby bottles — it’s basically the Keurig for infants — with the push of a button the slick machine dispenses an exact amount of formula/liquid ratio and heats it to a desired (set temperature)

  • Hassle free formula preparation – no measuring, no mixing and no fuss.
  • Mixed formula and water to perfect consistency
  • Heats water to near body temperature, which is optimal for feeding the abby
  • Works with all formula brands and types and works with all bottle sizes


(2) Prince LionHart Bottle Warmer, BEST BUY $19.99

C/O Best Buy Canada (

Looking for a way to warm a bottle or jar of baby food while on the go?  Well, say goodbye to tedious electrical chords and batteries, which often make life on-the-go more complicated.  This must-have bottle warmer, available from Best Buy Canada is a simple way to warm up your baby’s meal.

  • You simply press a button to warm the heating pouch and then boil it in water to re-use it
  • Instant heat source – crystals are activated to keep bottles warm for up to 2 hours
  • Can also use it to heat baby jar food
  • Non-Toxic


(3) Summer Infant Deluxe Three-Stage Infant Lounger, BEST BUY $65

C/O Best Buy Canada (

Travel beds are all the among new parents with some families spending nearly $450 to acquire a durable rest area.  This Summer Infant Lounger folds in half for easy-use and transportation — and it doubles as a supportive seated area as baby grows.  We spent over $300 on a so-called travel bed that wasn’t compact. It was hard to take it on our trips.  Finding one that stores and folds with ease is crucial.

  • Best Buy’s prices on baby and family items are extremely competitive (and very often your products will be on sale)
  • Best Buy also offers free shipping when you spend over $30

(4) Guzzie & Gus Media Console, BEST BUY, $39.99


Technology, on the go, is a huge market right now.  With educational apps targeting kids/babies and screens playing an increasingly larger role in all of our lives, this stroller media console is ideal for the modern, millennial parent.  The waterproof zip pocket safely holds a tablet in a secure position so kids can enjoy devices on the go.  It’s touted as a “removable tablet holder that lets you create an on-the-go movie theatre” which is becoming more beneficial to modern families who travel often.

  • Parents can store and use smartphone while on the move
  • 2 insulated cup holders
  • Easy on-and-off fasteners that secure to most stroller handles quickly and conveniently
  • Fabulous brand that’s notorious for developing innovative products for families (we feature Guzzie & Gus quite often)


(5) ARM Here for You, Cheryl Hickey Family, $99

Image: C/O Cheryl Hickey Family

The Arm Here for You, by Cheryl Hickey Family, takes cuddling to a whole new level.  It’s the only modern update I’ve seen to the blanket or wrap, as of late.  Essentially, it’s a padded arm sleeve that acts as a pillow and support for babies/kids necks while mom or dad holds them.  It’s ideal for feeding, nap time or general snuggles.

This product is new to the market and amps up cuddle time for kids of all ages.  It’s also a great modern must-have for plane travel in that it provides a comfortable surface for kids to lay down on while in flight.  It then folds up and stores in a lightweight bag.

I featured a round up of all of these practical yet innovative products on CHCH Morning Live, Friday Sept 15th.  For more information, or to submit a product for future consideration, please contact us!




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