Flying with two toddlers (YVR)

We embarked on a 4.5 hour flight from Toronto (YYZ) to Vancouver (YVR) today and I was actually quite nervous.  We’d traveled the same route in the springtime and the flight was a bit tricky.  With two brothers so close in age, they can set each other off quickly and easily.  We don’t buy the youngest one his own seat yet and therefore we keep our fingers crossed that there might be an extra spot on the plane.

Last time, this wasn’t the case and we were crammed into three economy seats.  With both boys fully moving around (walking, talking etc) it felt a bit chaotic.  There was a bit of shoving, snack stealing and so on.

For today’s flight, I stocked up on some cool toys at the dollar store: I got some mega blocks, wooden building blocks and stacking (magician) cups, to name a few.

It went over perfectly.  By choosing toys that the kids can do over and over, with different results, we came out on top.  The megablocks were the biggest hit.  We made everything from dinosaurs to tall towers.

Another key to traveling with multiple toddlers is to try and keep them separated.  If you seat one along the aisle and then place the other one between two adults, they’re less inclined to toy snatch or push and shove.

We downloaded a lot of great games and activities, thinking the boys would remain engaged with the electronics, but that wasn’t the case.  They were more into playing with the games and activities than sitting and watching TV.

Each flight, no matter how prepared you are, is so different.  All you can do is plan as best as you can (have enough exciting snacks and activities) and remain engaged and enthusiastic with your children.

If you’re planning to travel with your toddlers, just remember — you’ve got this!!

Eventually, you will get to the end goal.


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