This website offers tips and advice for traveling with young kids.  Our content is specifically designed for parents with pre-school aged children (5 and under) because those are the toughest ages with which to travel.  Once kids understand time, can watch feature-length movies, no longer require naps, and can get excited about vacations, the “issues” parents experience when traveling seem to dissipate.

On our blog tab, you’ll find our daily thoughts, Angie’s anecdotal life experiences, press release information pertaining to travel and personal stories from other travelers.  The other website tabs are fairly self-explanatory (destinations, travel tips and so on).  Our goal is to help you turn every vacation into a relaxing, enjoyable experience, regardless of destination, price point and your wee ones.  We’ll offer guidance to help get you through any situation so feel free to submit your questions.

We started this website because many parents are reluctant to leave the comfort of their home and routine to explore the world, especially when babies or multiple young children are involved.  Questions about what to pack, how to pass the time on route, and where to go, act as barriers to so many people.

We’re here to share our positive experiences with other parents to encourage family travel. From useful products and style options to top-rated family vacation destinations, this website is dedicated to inspiration and encouragement.



Rick and Angie Campanelli are passionate world travelers stemming from both personal interest and careers in television.  With Rick a beloved Canadian TV personality (‘The Temp’ from Much Music, Co-Host of Entertainment Tonight Canada and previous co-host of The Edge 102.1 Morning Show) …

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…and Angie an experienced television producer & lifestyle blogger, the duo’s adventures expand the globe.



From conservative charity excursions to Cambodia and Equador to glamourous trips to Hong Kong and Costa Rica, they’re open to travel of all sorts.

As parents to two toddlers (aged four and two) and a 13-year-old from Rick’s previous relationship, they’ve vacationed with kids of all ages and stages (newborns, toddlers, school-age and teenager)

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Hello Canada Magazine shoot

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The goal of Family Travel Guide?

We want this to be YOUR one-stop shop for destination advice, traveling tips and product reviews.

So welcome to our blog and bon voyage!

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