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When the weather warms up, many families flock to the great outdoors.  A lot of parents say that it’s actually easier to let toddlers roam free in a park or backyard than it is to entertain them indoors.  We tend to agree.  They’re like natural born tarzans whom love to roam, mix sand with dirt, climb trees and so on.  One of the simple outdoor activities that any family can do is picnic (whether in a park or in your own yard).  We’ve got a few tricks to help you plan a family picnic, like a pro, without going to too much work. You’ll have all of the neighbours peering over the fence with this one…

(1) Order premade sandwiches, like the catering platters or individual subs/wraps from Mr. Sub.  It’s a great way to serve up picture perfect sandwiches without dealing with the assembly yourself.  No one makes a sub look and tsate better than the pros, right?

This year, MR.SUB, is celebrating it’s 50th anniversary and dedicating it to all Canadians who have helped them grow since they first opened their doors in Yorkville, Toronto in 1968.

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They’ve also just introduced meats raised without antibiotics to the menu, which is a really exciting and big step forward in leading the way for a new industry standard, while remaining dedicated to providing Canadians with healthier, fresh, quality, on-the-go options.
If you want to personalize your subs, simply take a string and/or some parchment paper, wrap them up and secure the package with a bow.
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(2) Use reusable containers to serve snacks.
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These are a great way to avoid bugs, germs and waste.  Think about it, if you’re serving chips from bowls, there’s an increased chance that ants will find their way inside.  People reach int to grab a handful and chances are their hands won’t be clean.  At the end of the picnic, most people toss what’s left in the bowls.  But, if you use containers like the above photo, people can pour a portion onto their plate, no one is reaching their hands into the bowl and it’s easy to take leftovers home.
(3) Use glass bottles to serve fresh, photo-worthy beverages.
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You can find these water-sealed bottles in most stores. They’re an easy way to whip up fresh, hydrating drinks, secure the liquid for travel and then serve while on the go.  Either use one bottle per guest or bring along some paper cups and serve to everyone.
(4) Make your emergency kit part of the presentation.
Products like Band-Aids, gauze, ointment and antihistamines are essentials for picnics in the park.  You never know when you might encounter a minor incident. Instead of stuffing your emergency kit into a bag, make them front and centre as part of the ambiance.


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Trust me, parents and other guests will take note of the thoughtfulness and it’s the little touches that really make your picnic pop. Not to mention, packaging, like the Benadryl products, are colourful and springlike, so they actually enhance your festive decor.

(5) Incorporate something new and quirky to get people talking.

Try to introduce something new and unexpected to your guests.  For example, this year Henry’s Hard Soda has arrived in Canada. It’s a refreshing spiked soda drink that brings back a lot of fond memories – summer beach parties, university spring breaks, camp fire gatherings and so on.

They’re a playful drink that will get your guests talking and snapping pics!


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Who doesn’t remember sipping those grape and orange pops back in the day?  Trust me, these won’t disappoint.  There’s something so playful about them!

(6) Use mason jars instead of plates/bowls

You can’t say Pinterest without picturing mason jars.  Try serving your side salads, prepared oats, layered desserts and any other fork-worthy items in a mason jar.  You can tape cutlery to the actual jar so each guest can grab-and-eat.  NO fuss and no mess is key to a fun day for all.

Overall, picnics are fun and/or romantic.  You can host one in your yard or in a park.  There are so many creative ways to personalize the experience and leave your guests wanting more.

Happy Picnicing!



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