Family Garden Goals

But, do I have a green thumb?

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Now that we’ve moved into our first house (we’ve lived in a condo or townhouse for the past two decades minimum) we’re faced with our first lawn maintenance and gardening conundrums.

When we first looked at the house (and we were both working fulltime), I figured we would hire a landscaper to deal with the mess of a yard surrounding the house.  But, things changed and now a landscaper isn’t exactly in this year’s budget.


So, I’m faced with figuring things out on my own.  Google can only go so far — meaning helpful videos show me how to do it but then you actually have to do it…and it’s hard work!

I spent an hour trying to get weeds our of a 6 ft x 4 ft space.  I figured I’d get it done no problem but it took forever.  I’ve still only partially completed that one garden.

Then, there’s the issue of residing with two toddlers whose main idea of summer fun is digging in the dirt.  I’m thinking that for the next few years, we need to leave our gardens primarily flower-less and free of plants.  All of the neighbourhood kids come over, take out the shovels and digging trucks, and go to town.  I really don’t want the outdoor space to be a battle ground (where I constantly tell them to stay out of the gardens).  It’s one of those, “if you can’t beat them, you might as well join them” type situation.  It’s better for all if I leave the dirt free and accessible.

Although, my neighbours may not appreciate the eye sore of a lawn?!

What would you do?  Do you try to find a balance with your yard?  Do you garden and keep the kids out?  I’m so curious how to approach this…




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