Review: UV Couture

As consumers become increasingly sun-savvy, companies find new ways to compete in a market that’s angling toward anti-sun, pro-skincare.  We see it every day in beauty – new sunscreens (for all ages), improved self-tanners, SPF infused makeup and so on.

Fashion is no exception.

While researching Canadian businesses for my day job as a television producer, I found UV Couture.  The website described it as a clothing line providing UPF +50.  There were tons of photos of athletes and various customers in the gear. As I scanned their online lookbook I realized that the line was about more than just skin protection – the clothing was surprisingly stylish.  I decided to check it out for myself.


My Paulina Full Zip Jacket






I selected two pieces to try out on a trip to Las Vegas:  The Paulina Full Zip Jacket and the Kate Long Sleeve shirt.

When traveling, I always strive to pack light and choose multifunctional items.  These two pieces turned out great.

The Paulina Full Zip (in black and white) doubled as my jacket. It’s super light weight; I used it as a layer underneath my coat when in transit (cold planes), and then in Vegas it blocked wind and sun during my long power walks.


20150507_092936 20150507_092903


The Kate long sleeve shirt (above) doubled as athletic gear and a super cute fitted shirt for casual day trips.  I wore it hiking with my son, to various exhibits and on morning jogs.  So, it’s not just a shirt suited for the beach, which I love. More bang for your buck. My parent’s have a lake house so it will come in handy for outdoor sports there as well.

The fabric feels luxurious and worth the money and branded details are subtle (cute logo on the sleeve).  UV Couture offers free shipping when you spend over $150 which is basically buying two items.  They’ve got beach wear, athletic wear, hoodies and more.

I am a huge fan of all the benefits this line offers.  Along with looking great, they protect my skin from harmful rays. I never felt over-heated or itchy, which is something I experienced with other surf type gear (when you get hot especially)

Two thumbs up.

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