We’re always on the hunt for products that make family travel easier and more accessible.  When we first found DockATot we were intrigued.  The portable, lightweight bed (for use from age 0-36 months) seemed like something that could have benefited us with our first born (Jack had colic and co-slept with us for the first few months).

2016-02-24 17.14.31

Not only is the DoctATot bed portable — it transforms any surface into a safe, comfortable bed — but, it’s also a great product for secure, comfortable play as your child ages.

Essentially, the company claims that the little beds mimic the womb and are a comfortable, secure place without buckles, straps and other “extras”.  It’s great to put between adults in a co-sleeping situation and can be packed away for trips to visit family or friends (transforming any bed into a family bed that’s safe).


The sides of the “dock” are very firm to prevent adults or kids from rolling on to baby and they’re great at keeping kids snug inside while they sleep.  We roll our baby onto his side and put his back against the “dock” and he stays in that position all night.

2016-02-21 08.30.56Outlines a safe, independent sleeping area within our bed for baby

2016-03-01 20.30.38

We ended up lining our DockATot with receiving blankets while the baby is in the “spit up” phase to keep the bed clean

Our two year old enjoys DockATot as well although we have the Deluxe version (for up to 8 months of age).  Had we have discovered this product sooner, we definitely would have gotten the Grand (which works for kids up to 36 months).


2016-02-24 10.11.55

Our 23 month old son loves curling up when our newborn is not using it


2016-02-19 17.08.46

Three days old, feeling safe and secure in his DockATot

Prices range from $165 – $290 depending on pattern and size.  My husband first thought it sounded steep, but once you experience the top quality and ease at which it makes infant sleep, it’s totally worth it.

For DockATot purchase information, click here.

Overall, we highly recommend this product as a travel bed for infants and kids.  They’re slick, stylish, durable, functional and practical.

Two thumbs up for DockATot.


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