Review: Brica Travel Tray

The Brica Are we There Yet travel Tray is much less complicated than it’s name.  This lap desk is an amazing road trip item.

Often, we find a lot of product submissions to be somewhat gimmicky and not worth the purchase, but this one is definitely a must-have.  Our son loves that he can read books, do crafts, set his toys down and much more, on his own little surface.  We use this on nearly every road trip no matter the distance.


Essentially, it’s a lightweight lap desk that clips on to your child’s car seat transforming their lap area into usable space.


To remove it, you simply clip it off using an easy orange clasp as shown in the below photo c/o


We prefer this model to other’s that we have tried because it fits in snug with the car seat and takes up less space in the car.  Often times we have someone in the middle seat in the back and they don’t even notice that this tray is in use.118510-4

The only caution we have is that when placing drinks in the cup holder area, the lap tray can get top heavy and fall downward in an awkward manner.  We usually leave the sippy cups in the actual car seat cup holder and use the Brice Travel Tray holder for toys or crayons.

To buy the travel tray for approximately $34.99:

Amazon Canada



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