Disappointing morning, Thanks Zika

This morning I was faced with the tough decision of embarking on an incredible family trip to Jamaica (where I’ve yet to visit) or decline the opportunity due to Zika.

My initial instinct was to go — we are all about taking every opportunity to explore our world and offer feedback to our followers and readers.  But, at the last minute, before booking, I got cold feet.

We’re not sure if we want to have any more kids in the near future and the thought of having that option put on hold due to something we could have controlled lost its appeal.

Also, we put out an online poll asking how would travel with a toddler and an 11-month old (with the chance of maybe trying for another baby within a year) to a place with reported Zika.  100% of people who responded, across all social media platforms, said they would NOT risk it.  There weren’t even any parents who responded that they were on the fence about it.

My mother and I spent the good part of a day doing zika research (on reliable, government websites) and could find very little in terms of information relating to traveling with young children.

Most places advise having kids sleep under bug nets and so on.

To me, that’s just not a vacation.  I’d worry way too much and never be able to rest knowing that my children could potentially be in harms way – preventable harms way.  It sort of felt like taking kids on a long road trip knowing that the seat belts were broken.  Nothing bad could happen.  But, then again, it could.

As most parents posed the question to me — why risk it?

What do you think?  Are we all being too cautious?  Some of my best friends still travel to zika infected areas with their little ones, refusing to let fear restrict their movements.

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