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Wet Wednesday at Camp Campanelli

It’s Wet Wednesday at Camp Campanelli, which means we’re finding fun products or activities that help families cool off. If each Wednesday, during the summer, you find something fun that incorporates water,…

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New Trend: Family Obstacle Course

American Ninja Warrior is taking the world by storm and the interest is affecting people of all ages; it’s not just for Americans or Ninjas.  We first started watching this energy-packed program…

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Kicking off Camp Campanelli!

Summer is here, but have no fear, we’ve got some great ideas to help you beat boredom.  We’re hosting a social media and blog series called Camp Campanelli, which highlights some fun…

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From Neighbourhood to Playbourhood

    We’re currently living on a suburban street (a court actually) which means we’re finally able to let our boys play like children.  When we were residing in downtown Toronto, we…

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African Lion Safari, Ontario

Looking to get up close and personal with some incredible wildlife this summer?  African Lion Safari might be the activity you’re looking for.  Located in Cambridge, Ontario, African Lion Safari is Canada’s…

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FAmily Travel Guide, Angie Campanelli

Planning a Pinterest Worthy Picnic

When the weather warms up, many families flock to the great outdoors.  A lot of parents say that it’s actually easier to let toddlers roam free in a park or backyard than…

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