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Coping with Unexpected Long Travel Days

Have you ever embarked on a travel day that was supposed to take five or six hours in total (including transportation to airport, flight and then transport to your resort/hotel) only to…

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Five Benefits of an Old-Fashioned Childhood

Nowadays, pre-school aged children are inundated with technology.  Most parents juggle multiple jobs, entrepreneurship, their household, family obligations…it’s no wonder they need help from their friend the iPad!  Technology has become the…

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Unexpected Weather Setback or Success?!

As parents, we can try to plan for as much as we can when it comes to vacation, but one thing we can’t control is the fricken weather!  No matter how organized…

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March Madness

My step-son recently mentioned that he’s not doing anything for March Break this year. Although my husband (his dad) is traveling for that same week, I figured maybe there was something I…

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