Unexpected Weather Setback or Success?!

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As parents, we can try to plan for as much as we can when it comes to vacation, but one thing we can’t control is the fricken weather!  No matter how organized I try to pack our bags, I always seem to bring too few of the items we need.

Right now, we’re in the Ottawa, Ontario area (as many of you know from social media).  We’ve been touring around to small parks, animal sanctuaries and farms (the off the beaten track type family activities) and it’s been cool and rainy the entire six days of our vacation.

When we left the Toronto, Ontario suburbs, it was 33 degrees celsius (91 F) so it was stinking hot! I packed up a bunch of shorts, swimwear and t-shirts (of course) and one or two pairs of pants for the toddlers.  Well, we all know how clean toddlers keep their clothing (especially on farms and in parks).  I’ve been tempted to swing into a consignment store to buy some warmer clothes, but thus far we’ve resisted.

We’re layering up pyjamas and clothing in hopes that the kids remain warm and dry.  But, it’s all apart of the experience.

I visited an animal farm in flip flops and capri work out pants yesterday and it was FREEZING and wet (raining).  But, the experience was still amazing and fun and felt like childhood.  Remember, kids are meant to feel chilled, damp and muddy at times.  It’s all part of being a kid.  I love it when my boys get all dirty and run around smiling.  It feels like life should…

So here’s to not packing the right clothing on vacations.  Sometimes life is meant to be murky.


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