Summer Hair Care Tips

L'Oreal Performance Oil
Angie’s Summer Hair Care Tips

The summer is finally here…Canadians unite and rejoice!
That felt like one of the longest spring seasons on record.
But, now that the sun is shining bright and our family pool is open for business (meaning BBQs and pool parties) that means one thing for my beauty routine: I’m now combating dry, frizzy

It’s also the season for ample family travel (everything from camping and destination vacations to road-trips and resorts). With my extremely thick, long hair (which is now quite dry after spending the winter season transforming it from dark brown to a bleach blonde shade), it’s
super important that I add and maintain moisture.

On a recent Costco Canada shopping excursion, I came across the L’Oreal Paris Extraordinary Oil (shampoo and conditioner duo) in family-size bottles.

L’Oreal Performance Oil in Costco, Canada ($18.99)

Between Rick, myself and our two boys and our thick, coarse Italian hair (sometimes three boys when my teenage step-son is over), we go through a lot of hair care products. Finding an economical, family size bottle of one of our favourite products is always a bonus. And, it was only $18.99 to boot!

Have you tried the Extraordinary Oil collection yet?

L'Oreal Paris Performance Oil
Angie and Harrison shopping in Costco, Canada

It contains 6 essential precious oils, including argan and coconut oil, that help make my drier blonde locks look healthier – and it’s safe for my entire family (even the toddler loves to wash his hair with it because I convinced him he’ll eventually end up with gold hair if he washes it often enough – any trick to get Harrison to agree to a hair wash).

L'Oreal Paris Performance Oil
Is his hair gold yet???

Along with maintaining and adding moisture to your locks throughout the summer, here are four more of my summer hair care tips:

(1) You’re always hearing that buying in bulk is key to savings. The same applies to hair care products in large sizes (like these ones from Costco). Divide them up into smaller bottles for travel. Hotel shampoo is rarely good for your hair and can actually dry it out. This tip helps you save money (by avoiding purchasing travel-sized shampoo/conditioner) and helps save your hair (which, if you’re anything like me, costs
a lot to maintain).

(2) Rinse your hair after each dunk in the pool. It might seem high maintenance, but if you’re leaving chlorine/salt-water pool chemicals or other pool additives in your hair, and then baking in the sun, chances are you’ll experience some unwanted colour change (from blonde to green perhaps?!)

(3) Once a week (or twice per month if you have thinner hair) try leaving the Extraordinary Oil conditioner in as a leave-in conditioner (overnight) or for an extended period of time (30 minutes or more). This really helps to rebuild the softness of your strands. This tip allows you to turn a conditioner into a mask type product so you’re using it in a double-duty sort of way. Although if you do want deeper conditioning, L’Oreal has a
nourishing mask under this same product family.

(4) Buy products that work on multiple family members. Once your children are out of the baby stage, it’s always great when you find a brand or product line that works on everyone in the family. Once we realized that L’Oreal Paris made shampoo and conditioner that works on all hair types we were able to simplify our shower and shopping list.

(5) As a bonus tip, you can also get sun-care products for your hair. A lot of people don’t realize that they can protect their hair from heat, sun and damage. Consult with someone who best knows hair types to help determine the right sun-care items for your needs.

Overall, as a busy mom to three boys, finding top quality hair products, in large-sizes, at a great price is a serious #momwin. It’s one of my favourite parts of a good Costco haul.

Note: this post is sponsored by L’Oreal Paris. The hair care tips and advice are entirely our own as was the shopping experience. Prices and sizes of bottles may vary depending on your store and location.

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