Maintaining Balance on The Road

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It’s no secret, I’m a big eater.  I’m all about appetizers followed by a gigantic meal. I typically refuse to order salads while dining out because I can easily make it them at home (and rarely do I feel full afterwards so I feel there’s little value in paying for something that’s going to leave me wishing I had ordered something else)

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Friends often joke about my metabolism and comment on my lengthy food orders.  But the truth is, I’m a huge proponent of balance.  I’ve said it before –and will write it down here in case you missed it–that balance to me doesn’t mean 80/20 rules or anything like that.  It’s more basic.  If I eat less healthy items for one meal (or for a day) I typically balance it out with an extensively healthy followup meal.



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One of my favorite indulgences…the classic grilled cheese sandwich.

For example, if I order a pool-side grilled cheese and fries for lunch, I’ll often shake up a vegetable-protein drink for dinner or snack to ensure my body is still getting nutrients.

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The best brand I have tried so far: Vega (not sponsored)

I also gotten into the habit of making sure I whip up enough for my toddler and (if he’s home) my hubby.

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Mommy and baby chocolate Vega nutritional shakes

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Kale smoothie

I’m also a total kale junkie, but not in the raw form.  I could blend up a kale smoothie all day, everyday if it weren’t for the work it takes to get all of the  ingredients cleaned and prepared.  My son has been drinking them too since he started solid foods.

If I can’t make a kale shake (at hotels and on the road) the next best thing for me are healthy protein bars.  Trainers Jon and Alayna, at The Body Temple in Toronto, taught me how to read bar labels.  A lot of the “healthy” brands I ate as a “grab and go” actually contained a TON of calories and sugars and some were just purely made of chemicals.  I’ve finally narrowed it down to Kind Bars (with less than 5 gm of sugar per bar) and the Simply brand.  I order them by the case on

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All of the aforementioned health tricks allow me to regularly indulge and enjoy a traveler’s lifestyle without too much guilt.  Sure, I’ve lost control many times (and binged for days straight) but I always find a way to get things back on track in the end.

How do you keep your body balanced on the road?  Share your tips in the comments below or shoot me an email.


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