Rain, Rain Stay & Play

Kids in the rain

We’re in for a very rainy weekend in southern, Ontario.  It actually started rainy yesterday evening and we woke up to a steady stream of it first thing this morning.  As a mom to a four-year-old & two-year-old, my mind immediately went to: what am I going to do with these guys all day?

I considered doing some crafts, visiting an indoor play space, inviting over some neighbours, baking, making a lasagna and so on.  I like to keep them stimulated and give them the time and space to burn off toddler energy.

Then, as I stood at our front window with our two-year-old, I realized…

Rainy views from our house

I was staring out at today’s adventure.  There’s nothing our boys love more than making mud (with water from the hose and dirt from the sandbox) so why not send them outside when the world is full of it?  Sure, they get really muddy and likely a bit cold.  But that’s all fixable and manageable.

So, instead of trying to figure out what to do indoors, I’m just going to go with it today…

What do you do on rainy days with kids?



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