#LetsPlayHouse with Hasbro

One of our biggest missions on this blog (and in life) is to encourage families to spend quality time together.  Both Rick and I grew up in tight-knit families who spent a lot of time creating, building and playing together.  We want the same now for our kids, but its’ getting a lot harder to show them how to “play” in this digital era.  Thankfully, there are companies, Like Hasbro, working hard at developing new activities (for all ages) that families can bond over and do together.

We’ve always been big fans of board games (we played them nightly when my step-son was growing up) as a way to bond, teach strategy and stay away from video games.  We love gathering our friends and family around the living room or a table to play something new and exciting.  We’re willing to try pretty much anything…

Hasbro is notorious for their creative, innovative board games and activities so we were thrilled to visit the annual #HasbroHouse, which is an event that showcases new and upcoming product.

Hasbro’s mission statement is much like ours; their current theme is “LetsPlayHouse,” which encourages people to spend time playing together.


You truly can’t overestimate the value of bonding over games and activities.  Our youngest kids can sit for over an hour creating and designing with Play-Doh.  It’s almost like childhood Valium.  They seem to settle down and relax into their imaginations.  If I need to get some work done (like right now), I put them into their high chairs and then cover their trays with Play-Doh.  They love it!  I still sit with them and engage as they play, but it’s also a good, teachable “independent” moment for my toddlers as they learn to bend and mold shapes.

We’re hoping other families will learn to revert back to PRE-TECHNOLOGY days and embrace good, old-fashioned family fun.  It’s too easy to put iPads in kids’ hands these days.  So challenge yourself to be different and do different.  Stock up on board games or do board game swaps with neighbours to keep things fresh and exciting.

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