Keeping Your Baby Cool in Hot Weather

When traveling to hot climates, many parents worry about keeping their baby cool.  It’s especially important to be aware of your infant’s body temperature if they’re less than six months because most at that age can’t yet regulate their own thermostat, so to speak.


Stay and play in the shade.


Here are 10 great ways to keep your baby cool during the summer or in hot climates:

  1. Remove all extra padding from the stroller or car seat.  This allows air to circulate and doesn’t trap heat within the bulky fabric
  2. Line car seats and strollers with a thin, white muslin sheet to repel sun so less heat is absorbed
  3. Buy a battery-powered stroller fan.  They clip right onto your car-seat or stroller and circulate air (we use two at a time)
  4. Use cool, wet cloths on your baby’s hands, feet and head
  5. Keep infant in the shade as often as possible and embrace windy areas for a cross breeze (read more on the benefit of shade)
  6. Stay inside during the hours between 10am and 2pm when the sun’s rays are at their peak and schedule outside play during off hours like dawn and dusk
  7. Even though it’s hot, dress baby in cotton long sleeved shirts or UPF/SPF sun clothing  to maximize exposure to sun rays
  8. Never leave a baby sleeping in a car seat (even with windows open) or a padded stroller.  Small spaces, like infant seats, can overheat quickly
  9. Keep hydrated.  Forget your typical nursing or bottle schedule.  Feed your baby hourly if out in the heat.
  10. If using a baby carrier, opt for mesh or light, white fabric.  Dark colours absorb and attract heat.



Think SHADE as often as you can. If it isn’t there already, create some using umbrellas, chairs and more.



Schedule walks on the beach for dusk when it isn’t as hot outside



I built my son a little padded, shaded area for daytime play. Use your resources and get creative.



If you know your baby’s poop schedule (my guy always goes before a nap in his bed) let them play diaper free to avoid heat rash

Tropical, exotic, hot destinations are one of the reasons most families head on vacation.  Don’t let temperatures scare you off.  With the right precautions, your family will have a great time.

Enjoy the sun, the shade and making memories



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