REVIEW: Infiniti QX80

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All road trips start with one main common element – the vehicle.  When traveling long distances with your kids, it’s imperative that your mode of transportation accommodates your needs.

We’re actually on the hunt for a new, larger vehicle (to fit our expanding family) so test-driving cars is par for the course.

The Infiniti QX80 is a slick, beast of a ride.  There’s plenty of trunk space and a lot of fabulous features and upgrades.  If you’re traveling on rough roads (we hit some major potholes in Michigan) you’ll barely notice them.  With over-sized wheels and great suspension, it’s quite a luxurious vehicle (also evident from the price point).

It’s quite high off the ground, which means you have to hike yourself up quite a distance to get in the car (which was difficult for me because I was pregnant when we tried it out) and if you’re on the shorter side, it might be difficult to get your kids into car seats.  But for many people, this extra height is a bonus – great views and a secure feeling when traveling on major highways.  You definitely feel a sense of “presence” in this SUV.

2016-02-25 12.42.56-3The trunk easily holds a standard stroller plus luggage and the interior is massive.  There’s room for 7-8 passengers without feeling all crammed up unless you’re an adult in the back row.  There’s room for kiddies to climb in back when using the third row, but it might be tight for adults.2016-02-25 12.42.56-2


The cost starts around $74,000 and the tech package adds another $8,000+ so it’s definitely an investment vehicle.  There’s interior wood trim and wide seats so no matter where you are in the SUV, you feel like a captain (you can even get heated captain seats in the back)

Overall, we were, without a doubt, taken aback by the luxurious nature of this vehicle.  Infiniti is notorious for gorgeous, innovative, pricey cars and the QX80 is no exception.

Take one for a spin and let us know what you think!



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