Healthiest Airline Food Options

Traveling when trying to lose baby-weight or keeping the family healthy can be tricky.  But airlines are slowly cluing in to the fact that an increasing number of passengers seek yummy, heart-healthy foods.

Quite a few health magazines, like Women’s Health Magazine, and diet doctors, like Charles Platkin, compiled lists on what to order and where (in terms of airlines).

Virgin America and Air Canada tend to offer the most health conscious options (with veggie sticks and pretzels with hummus on their in-flight menus) according to most research.

Here’s a list of some suggested waist-friendly menu items on varying airlines:

  1. United: Tapas Snack Box (sea-salt, lentil crackers, cheese spread, bruschetta)
  2. Virgin America: Protein Platter (hard-boiled egg, smoked gouda and pepper jack cheeses, and grapes)
  3. Air Canada: Veggies & Dip or gluten free crackers with swiss cheese cubes, fresh chicken or veggie wrap
  4. Porter Airlines: Terra Chips, Kind Bars
  5. Delta Airlines: Luvo Quinoa Crunch Wrap Snack Box (vegetables, quinoa, and rice salad in a spinach flaxseed tortilla)
  6. Alaska: Mediterranean Tapas Picnic Pack (multi-grain chips, almonds, apricots and dark chocolate)
  7. Jet Blue: Shape Up Box (organic crackers, olives and raisins)

Let us know what your favorite snacks are when traveling with your family!


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