GIVEAWAY! Potty Training Awareness Month starts today!

It’s June 1st and you know what that means?  It’s the first day of “Potty Training Awareness” month and an ideal time to start the process (if your wee one is of ready — find out more with our fun readiness quiz).  To help celebrate this big step, I’ve partnered with Pull-Ups (@PullUpsBigKid) to give two lucky families the entire starter kit shown here!

Simply follow @Famtravelguide & @Pullups on Instagram and Facebook (yes, we will be checking  🙂 …and comment on one account with a potty training question or success story!

If you’re already tackling this milestone with your own child, or thinking about starting, just remember that modern-day potty training (much like everything else parenting, these days) really focuses on teamwork, fun and engagement between you and your wee one (see what I did there with the use of “wee”).  We’re very excited about all of the different resources, games and tools that are now available to parents to help stay on track.

Our current potty-training plan:

  1. Partner with Jack so he knows he’s not alone in this
  2. Have fun (even when it really isn’t fun for mom/dad).  Through the clean-ups, tantrums and accidents, we’re really staying focused on the playful/encouraging aspect of parenting
  3. Continue using games, rewards and online activities to keep him motivated
  4. Remain consistent (which has been our biggest hurdle so far but we’re making a promise this time to get it done and we don’t want to break it)
  5. Leave the diapers behind and use Pull-Ups training pants (we’ve tried a couple of brands and the easy open Pull-Ups sides is the only way we’ll go now — we got #2 all over the place when trying to slide others on and off)
  6. Rebuilding trust with Jack.  Because we’re stopped and started quite a few times now (which is quite common we’ve learned), we want him to know that we’re excited to do it, proud of him, and determined this time to stand by him through it all.

We’ve received such great anecdotes, tips and personal stories on here and via our social media.  It’s really encouraging to see the community of parents that find this to be a hard task (it shocks me when parents say it took three days or a week).

So, here’s to an exciting Potty Training Awareness Month.  Let is be filled with lots of rewards, teamwork, games and bonding.  And, lets hope it ends with everyone that much closer to having a potty-trained child.


More resources:

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Note: this post, while true to our family experience, is sponsored by Pull-Ups.  We’ve partnered with them to use our potty training experience to encourage, motivate (and entertain) others! #pottypartnership


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