Does your Family Like Boating?

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Did you know that more Canadians go fishing than play hockey?

We received an interesting press release from Holmes PR about a 2016 study on Canada’s recreational boating industry.  Apparently, 43% of Canadians go boating, which ties in well to recent talks water and wellness; being on or near the water makes people HAPPY.

How do you feel when you’re by the ocean, a lake or on a river?  Do you notice a difference in your psychological state?

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Kayaking in the Florida Everglades

Leading research scientist, marine biologist and author of Blue MindDr. Wallace J. Nichols, is fueling the global conversation about the intersection between water and the human brain.  He says when people are near water they experience vast emotional, behavioral, social and psychological benefits.

“The mere sight or sound of water has the ability to promote wellness by lowering cortisol, increasing serotonin and induces relaxation – flooding our mind and bodies with endorphins and positive neurochemicals. Also, getting out on the water provides families with quality time together away from screens!”

Angie kayaking in Orlando, Florida

dr wallace j nichols blue mind

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Dr. Nicols research draws upon science and studies of corporations, pro athletes, veterans and artists that have harnessed water’s tremendous benefits to improve performance, productivity, and creativity.   Considering that 1 in 4 Canadians describe their lives as highly stressful and 60% of us go to work feeling stressed every day (Globe and Mail report 2015), getting out on the water is underestimated and under-prescribed as the antidote to what he refers to as “Red Mind” – a state of high stress, anxiety, auto-pilot and over-stimulation by social environments and digital obsession.

Taking a break from everyday life and getting out into nature is one of our key mandates on Family Travel Guide.  We’re always looking for ways to improve wellness.  I’m looking forward to hearing more on this subject from Dr. Nicols.

We definitely love the water (I’m a Pisces so it’s part of my DNA) and we’re always encouraging our children to embrace it — although our youngest two are quite hesitant around it thus far.

Do you notice a difference in yourself or your family around water?

We’d love to hear from you.


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