Bike Rentals in Victoria, BC

The West coast lifestyle is often synonymous with the outdoors.  Everywhere you turn your eyes you see people enjoying the natural environment.  The West Coast is also known for its eco-friendly lifestyle.  On a recent trip to Victoria, British Columbia, we decided to ‘do as the locals do’ and ride bikes around the gorgeous island.  We found that idea, and others, on the Tourism Victoria website.

We rented from a quaint rental shop called The Pedaler.

Along with scenic, informative bike tours, they also offer daily rentals of a variety of bicycles (tandem, cruisers etc).  We were very excited to find somewhere that offered so many family friendly options as well as infant/toddler bike helmets.

We borrowed the Bell chariot and two cruiser bikes to see the sites.  All helmets were provided by The Pedaler as well.

We posted all of our adventures via video on our instagram @Famtravelguide.

Staff at The Pedaler were very knowledgeable and helped all patrons find the most suitable option.  We witnessed couples and families of all ages getting their gear.  They also ensured that our helmets fit correctly and that we knew how to operate the bike chariot for our boys.


The views of Victoria, BC, by bike, are absolutely breathtaking.  We rode along a beautiful waterfront trail and took our bikes all the way to Fisherman’s Wharf — where we stopped for a delicious dinner at Barb’s Fish and Chips.

We followed along via the #Victoriabybike to see where other people ventured.  It’s a great, modern way to make the use of your time — follow the hashtag on social media and see the sites.


(1) Obey the trail signs.  We found ourselves in some parts of pathway (along the waterfront) that weren’t fit for cyclists.

(2) Head in all directions.  Whether you’re on the waterfront trail or following along the city streets, there are historic and cultural surprises around every corner.  We always set out armed for anything — we packed snacks, rainboots, sunscreen…and left the rest to chance.

(3) Keep an eye out for the tour bikes.  They’re a good indication of where the main attractions might be.  And, sometimes, if you’re close enough, you can hear them explaining significant houses or buildings.

(4) Call in advance to make sure the bike rental place has helmets available for your needs.  If you are traveling with infants or toddlers, you’ll want to ensure that the appropriate gear is on hand (they don’t carry as many of the child sizes so just make sure there are some at the rental shop)

(5) Bring a backpack with you.  Whether you’re bringing along a few of your own supplies, or shopping for some souvenirs, you’ll want to be prepared.  Not all bike rental shops offer baskets on every bike.

(6) Quick tutorial!  No matter how many times you’ve cycled before, it’s always a good idea to have all members of the family give the bike a quick once over before you leave the rental shop. Try out the breaks, gears, bells and any other features to ensure they’re in working order.

(7) Get off an explore.  Even though the bikes are a fun way to get around, don’t forget to venture around the surroundings.  We explored a lot of neighbourhood parks, country stores and markets.

All in all, Victoria is an ideal place to tour by bike.  Motorists are accommodating to cyclists and there are so many intricate nooks and cranies to explore.  Not to mention, it’s environmentally friendly and fun for the entire family.  You’ll capture fresh air while enjoying the sights.

For more on The Pedaler: click here.

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