Donate toys using Giftagram App


Online shopping is increasingly becoming the way to do things – everyday things.  I can’t tell you how thrilled I felt when reading that Giftagram partnered with Toys for Tots this year, which combines two amazing things: an app with charity.  Giftagram is leading the charge in America’s first-ever mobile app toy drive.

If you haven’t tried (or heard of) Giftagram, it’s an app that allows you to send gifts (at any price point, for any reason) to someone simply through the tap of your smart phone.  All you need is a phone number for the recipient (or email address). It’s actually easier than typical online shopping because you don’t need an address.

Their new partnership with Toys for Tots means that you can now give to children in need without having to shop or drop-off items.  It’s all done for you.  Basically, they’re eradicating typical excuses to not contribute to the needy.

Press release:

Giftagram has taken the age-old tradition of donating toys during the holidays and brought it to the digital age. Through a partnership with Toys for Tots, the Giftagram app makes it possible for Americans to donate gifts to less fortunate children, with just two taps of their smartphone. For donors, that means no trips to the mall, no getting lost in toy stores, and no hunting for a donation box. Now for the first time ever, anyone can donate toys 24/7, from anywhere in the USA. Giving back is as simple as downloading the Giftagram app, picking a toy and hitting “donate”. Giftagram CEO Jason Reid believes this tech-focused toy drive will resonate with young, time-strapped individuals who want to be thoughtful but still look for convenience. With toy options ranging between $10 and $150, there’s a price point to suit all budgets, which makes Toys for Tots optimistic the partnership will mean a great increase in donations,

For more information on Giftagram, download the app on iOS or Android or go to so you can start giving to a child in need.


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