Mission Accomplished!

Today was a success — the students were much more engaged than I anticipated and I made some connections with a few of them, which I am sure will continue beyond the classroom.

It started off great.  The first class I chatted with had a ton on the go – music websites, hockey card websites, reporter blogs, deejay projects and more.  It’s fascinating to see such digital diversity – everyone has their own passion and really lets loose online.

I had a great chat with Professor Crispo.  Shes’ a wealth of knowledge for all things radio and blogging.  She’s been at it for years and is so well-liked by her students.

The second class was a bit tougher than I thought.  Engaging people right after lunch can be tricky — everyone seemed to be slipping into that afternoon sleepy coma.  I felt like I didn’t have as good a grasp on their needs/interests so I started skipping some content.  Then I ended up losing my place….


You know how it goes.

In the end though, quite a few of them came up to ask direct questions (I actually had a line up of students waiting) and then it hit me — a lot of students don’t want to share their personal passion projects in front of large groups (I know I didn’t).  Who wants to risk the public scrutiny?

In the end, it was a great learning experience all around. I am hoping to do this again (and again) so it’s great to just get out there and see what works/doesn’t work.

Today was all about ticking off that bucket list item and feel like a contributor to International Women’s Day!

Thanks again PC Chic Mamma!!



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