Anti-Aging Make-Up that Makes you Appear Younger

It’s no secret – I’m not a make-up artist, but I do have fun trying out new trends, gadgets and products.  Given my busy schedule (balancing TV producing, blogging, on-air broadcast segments, travel and general motherhood) I’m all about finding ways to look put together and polished in the least amount of time.

When Revlon asked me to partner with them to test-drive their new Youth FX products, I immediately said yes.  They had me at the tag line: “fill, blur & transform.”

I’m in my mid thirties so I’m always looking for products to combat and cover wrinkles, sun spots and other general signs of aging.  I’m also still breastfeeding my youngest son so a lot of the treatments I want to try (cough cough – botox) aren’t an option right now.

Here’s an unedited, unfiltered photo without any makeup (or sleep, clearly) — moments before applying the Youth FX product line.

I’ve never battled acne or acne scars, but I do have sun spots and uneven skin tones.  Pregnancy can bring out various skin conditions too so as women age, and their bodies change, so do their beauty product requirements. I’ve definitely notice (and you can see above) that I’ve got some brown spots now.

To show me how to apply the products properly, beauty expert Sabrina Rinaldi walked me through everything, starting with the primer products:

I had never seen a forehead primer prior to the Youth FX product line.  But, if you think about your own face, forehead wrinkles are deeper and run horizontally in an area where lots of muscle movement occurs.  So it makes sense to tailor a product to those specific attributes.  After applying this product (which goes on like a nail polish – with a similar brush tip) I could feel a difference in my skin.

I was concerned that my skin might feel tight or stiff throughout the day, but I kept it for hours and totally forgot it was even there (it’s so light and the polymer blend moves with your expressions). Sabrina recommends that you use your fingertips to lightly tap the skin which really helps to push the product into the creases for that smooth, overall affect.

I’m not a regular foundation wearer. In fact, unless I’m on-camera, hosting an event, or doing a photoshoot, I tend not to wear it.  But, I enjoyed the silky, full coverage of this anti-aging line.  Once I had applied it to my face and neck, I definitely noticed a younger looking ‘Angie’ looking back at me from the mirror.
With my Italian, olive skin tone, which is ever changing throughout the seasons, I needed to blend a few different colours to get the right shade.  But, Sabrina says this is quite common and is a great way to make your product work year round – you simply mix different amounts of two or three shades as your skin changes tone.

For my current sun-kissed skin, I use two foundations: 150 Buff blended with 330 Natural Tan


I have a one year old and three year old so concealer is one of my new best friends. I never used to wear it until I realized the dramatic change in the appearance around my eyes.  I really like the applicator for this particular product—it’s soft on the delicate skin around the eye and it’s designed to get into the small corners that are often tough to reach (I have deeper grooves toward the inside of my eyelid, closest to my nose, and shadows can make it look like a dark hole).  The concealer applicator gets right in there and goes on so smooth. The light diffusing technology really helped my mom-eye-bags.  I noticed a lighter, brighter difference right away.

For my current sun-kissed skin, I use two concealers: 06 Deep and 05 Medium Deep, but you can get it in 12 different shades.

Overall, the Revlon Youth FX™ formula proved to fill and blur my fine lines, which helped create a smooth, younger appearance.  The result was a seemingly seamless canvas for the rest of my makeup application.  The finish is really natural (not too matte or dewy looking) and didn’t cake on my face throughout the day.

Look years younger in seconds with the Revlon Youth FX™ collection


A few general tips to maximize this anti-aging make-up line:

  1. Start with a moisturizer before applying primers or foundations. Wait for it to dry so it’s not tacky feeling before you get started.
  2. Use a moist blender sponge, or makeup sponge, to apply foundation and primer products; your finger tip comes in as a close second.
  3. Match your makeup to your chest – not your neck (which tends to be much paler than your face and chest) or your hands (which tend to be darker than the rest of your body).
  4. Different primers (forehead versus the neck and face) target different areas. Most people tend to have deeper lines on the forehand than on their face, which is why Revlon Youth FX created two separate products.
  5. Apply primer vertically. You’re going against the grain of the skin wrinkles and you have more success when you brush up and down as opposed to following the exact directional lines of the skin creases.

Enjoy beauties!

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