What to Pack for Summer Outings with Toddlers

YAY!  Your summer vacation is almost here.  Time to pack those bags and get organized!

Wondering what to pack for travel with toddlers?  Here is a basic list of some key essentials for your summer bag:

  1. Pull-Ups training pants or diapers and wipes
  2. Travel potty seat or stand-alone travel potty
  3. Sun hat that covers neck and shields face
  4. SPF 30+ sun screen and lip balm
  5. Water-proof band-aids and guaze
  6. Polysporin antibacterial ointment
  7. Itch spray and antihistamines for sudden allergic reactions
  8. Water
  9. Extra pair of shorts and a t-shirt (per child)
  10. Hand sanitizer or disinfectant wipes
  11. After sun care items like aloe vera or moisture lotion
  12. Life jacket (like a puddle jumper or life vest)
  13. Nourishing snacks that are sun-stable and won’t spoil (nuts, fruit with peels or skin like apples and pears, crackers, seeds)

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