What to pack for a hot day at an amusement park

When visiting amusement parks in the heat, with kids, it’s important to be prepared.  We’ve been caught off guard a couple of times and learned the hard way.


Here are some of our must-pack items for a day at an amusement park (aside from the obvious sunscreen, sunglasses, hat etc):

  1. Stroller fan.  If you’re going to have someone in a stroller, spring for a stroller fan to circulate the air.  They’re reasonably priced and work wonders.stroller fan
  2. White muslin blankets (x2).  To help keep the stroller from overheating, we recommend lining the actual seat with a white muslin blanket.  Another one can then be used to drape over the seat to provide shade or to cover up exposed skin. The fabric and colour allows for better air circulation than those made from other material (examples: Walmart, aden & anais ) ps-white-muslin-swaddle_1024x1024 (1)
  3. Umbrella.  Rain or shine, these come in handy.  When the sun gets too intense an umbrella can actually provide much needed shade to stroller children, carriers and even walkers.
  4. Water spray bottle.  For quick cool downs.  Fill them with ice cubes from a park vendor and enjoy the cool mist throughout the day.  spray-bottle
  5. Mini fans
  6. Separate packs for those planning to split up.  If your children are old enough to go off on their own, pack separate bags with snacks, water, emergency phone numbers, cameras, dry socks, swim suits, sun screen and lip balm.  All will come in handy.  
  7. Reusable water bottles. Parks have water fountains so take advantage of bringing your own BPA free water bottle from home.
  8. Swim suit, extra socks or extra t-shirt.  Even if you don’t plan on going into the water park, having an extra shirt, dry socks or swim suits give you the freedom to cool yourself off with water throughout the day. Plus, if you get really sweaty (like we did) you’ll want a change of clothes.  These can even be left in the car.
  9. Ice Cold Towels. There are towels that provide steady cooling affects when wet.  We saw many (smart) people using these in Orlando amusement parks.  We’re wishing we had purchased these for our vacation. towel
  10. Lip balm.  Dry heat means lots of lip licking.  While sunscreen is definitely needed, so is a good SPF lip balm to help keep your mouth moist throughout the day.

Hopefully the above list helps make your day that much more enjoyable.  Let us know your hot-day packing essentials via email or in the comments below.

Happy travels



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