Travel Beauty Secrets from Us Weekly’s Gwen Flamberg

Travel beauty regimes often take the form of one of two applications:

(1) Going ‘au natural’ to give your hair and skin a break from the stresses of your at-home routine — plus who wants to worry about maintenance when you’re on vacation?!

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(2) Amping it up!  You’re going to be taking a lot of photos that will likely be shown on your social media — plus you want to feel amazing while out enjoying the sights.  If traveling sans-kids, with your partner or husband, you also might want to add a little extra oompf while on the road.


Eye liner, mascara, brow pencil and light lips here…typically my go-to look on the road



I chatted with US Weekly Beauty Director, Gwen Flamberg, to get the scoop on Hollywood secrets to travel skin and hair maintenance.


Gwen Flamberg, US Weekly


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Gwen’s Insider Travel Beauty Tips:

(1) Thanks for chatting with Family Travel Guide!  Everyone wants to know — what’s in your makeup bag when you’re on the road?

Gwen: I like to have options when I travel, so I always bring a lot of beauty products. Usually I just do a carry-on, so this means I bring two bags: A slim leather zip case that contains eyeliners, mascara, powder and eyeshadow compacts and a clear plastic baggie containing Chanel matte velvet foundation, lipstick and lip glosses, cream blush, antibacterial gel and mini-containers of my skincare products. I also always bring cleansing wipes by Neutrogena or Simple.


(2) So, like yourself, for those traveling with only a carry-on (and therefore limited in terms of lotions/liquids) how would you recommend to pare down products?

Gwen: First, transfer the products from your usual regimen into mini containers (Muji sells amazing ones). Next, be sure to maximize everything that you’re bringing; choose a cream blush like those by Stila and Burberry and use the color for lips and cheeks. Make your brow pencil do double duty as eyeliner. Bring a liquid sunscreen (my favorite is Lancome’s Beinfait UV) which you can use on your face and on your body in a pinch – the lightweight fluid blends out so easily for superior coverage.


(3) If there’s only ONE thing you could do to your face each day what would it be?

Gwen: It would be so hard for me to pare my routine down to ONE thing, but if I absolutely had to, it would definitely be sunscreen. Regular use of an SPF of at least 30 is the only surefire way to prevent future sun damage like lines, brown spots, etc. and maintain a youthful look.

(4) What’s your go-to quick, easy make-up routine for on the road/travel?

Gwen: I apply a tinted moisturizer with added SPF for good measure, a sweep of shimmery highlighter across lids so I’ll look awake, a swipe of waterproof mascara to stay intact even if I fall asleep on the plane, a cream blush on the apples of cheeks and pressed into lips. That’s it – 2 minutes!

(5) Do you recommend altering your beauty routine prior to long flights (to combat dryness etc)? 

Gwen: Stick to your beauty routine but add in some extra moisture. When I’m preparing for seriously long haul flights (like when I went to Bali this summer – 27 hours of travel each way!), I cut down on alcohol and caffeine a few days before the trip and make sure to drink more water. I usually do a mask every night for the few nights leading up to the flight. During the flight, I make sure to board the plane with clean, moisturized skin. I do my usual night skincare routine, then top it with a sleeping mask cream like Nerium International’s Age-Defying Night Cream, Optimera Formula™. The formula has a proprietary ingredient SIG-1273, which combats the causes of inflammation and stays on for hours, thanks to its unique super-hydrating aloe vera base


(6) When traveling to extreme climates (very hot/dry or cold) do you recommend changing up skin care routine?  

Gwen: Keep it simple! Stick to your routine no matter how long the trip is but add in a layer of extra moisture. Top your products with a facial oil during the day (let it sink in and then apply sunscreen twenty minutes before heading outdoors) and a sleeping mask cream at night.


Thanks for all of the great advice.  Follow Gwen on twitter for her insider, red carpet scoop on all things A-list, glam and gorgeous!

Safe, happy and beautiful travels to all!



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