Road Trips and Potty Training

As most of you know, we’ve made it to the finish line in terms of potty training our 3.5 year old son.  We’ve received quite a few messages about how we handle long road trips without regression.  The answer is simple:


Once you’ve said goodbye to diapers, don’t go back to them no matter how tempted you are.  Whether it’s along flight or a long road trip, you’ll only do your child a disservice if you stick them in a diaper out of convenience.

We put a potty in the trunk of our car which saved us on so many occasions that we’re constantly wondering why this isn’t a feature in every family vehicle.

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The potty we ordered (from Amazon) looks and functions like a miniature toilet.  It stands up in our trunk and is very sturdy so all we need to do is pull over, open the trunk and away he goes.  We have never encountered a single accident using this method.  Whether it’s a trip to the mall, restaurant or play place, we’ve always got a potty for our child — it builds his confidence because he knows that there’s always somewhere for him to go no matter what.

Now, obviously, if you’re going on a plane, a portable, miniature potty isn’t an option.  Many parents find themselves panicking every time that seat belt signs appears: what if your child has to go but no one is allowed to move from their seats?  It’s actually a real concern.  Our solution here is Pull-Ups Training Pants.  Even if you don’t set out on the journey by putting your child into a training pant, having them on-hand, in your carry-on, for quick access can be a life saver. If your toddler suddenly needs to go but there’s a long line at the lavatory or you can’t move from your seat, simply use the easy-open sides to get that training pant on ASAP.  Again, it’s all about consistency and knowing you have a plan.


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Pull-Ups Training Pants Easy-Open sides

Communicating your plan with your child, prior to the trip, instills confidence in them.

So be sure to be transparent about the potential use of the “big-boy” or “big-girl” training pant in case of emergency and talk them through it all before it happens.

Being prepared and remaining consistent with your child’s potty training journey is key to overall success.


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