Potty Training and Travel

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Potty training isn’t a milestone most families want to repeat.  It can take so much to actually accomplish this goal that the idea of starting over makes most parents cringe.  If you’re planning a vacation, don’t let travel derail your potty training efforts.

(1) Pack a Potty

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Trying to convince a newly trained toddler to use a public or new bathroom can be hopeless.  We found that the key is familiarity.

If you’re planning a road trip, bring a potty in the car.  You can go so far as to purchase a special travel potty (with bags on the bottom that can be tied and tossed after each go) or simply bring along the one you have.  Make stops (the side of the road if needed) and bring out the potty.

If you’re planning an extended stay at a relative’s home or at a resort, the potty from home can make the transition easier.  We bought the toilet seat insert potty for this specific reason (easier to take in luggage).

potty seat


(2) Plan for extra pit-stops 

We received a great note from a family who took a road trip with their two girls — one had just finished potty training.  They tried to convince her to just go in her Pull-Up (for the sake of not having to stop on the highway) and she refused because she was already a “big” girl.

If you budget extra time for your trips, which might mean leaving a bit earlier or traveling through the night instead, minor stops to use a potty won’t feel like setbacks.  Simply put — be prepared to potty.

(3) Use Pull-Ups Overnight for extended time away from a potty


Pull-Ups overnights can work well on long flights or in the car without resorting back to diapers.

(4) Stay focused and on task amidst busy travel

We recommend avoiding travel during the first couple of weeks of training (unless your kid nails it right away), but if you have to travel, stay on task.  That might mean continuous reminders to go potty, setting a timer on your phone, packing special rewards and so on.

Whatever you’ve started thus far, should be continued.

Most experts agree, once you’ve taken the diaper off, do not go back to them no matter what the circumstances.

(5) Pack a Potty Training Travel Kit

Whether you’re heading out for a day trip or a longer flight, you’ll want to make sure you bring along the right gear. Many top experts, including experienced parents, compile lists of essentials to take while traveling.  From extra socks to plastic bags, review the recommendations and make sure you bring supplies that work for you and your child.

(6) Bring disposable wipes or spray

Keep in mind that you (likely) won’t have access to water for cleaning purposes.  We recommend disposable potty training wipes and/or bum spray to make clean-up easier.

I use Bum Spray (even at home) and disposable wipes.


For a more detailed break down of potty training specifically by travel type (road trip, flight etc) from the experts at Pull-Ups click here.

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