Over Night Flights

Lets face it, if you’re trying to cross the ocean with your kids in tow, your initial thought is likely — book the overnight flight!!  The reality of the situation is much different (or it can be)

Consider this post a caution…

Many infants, toddlers and young children find the journey through the airport quite stimulating.  From security to loud announcements, airports contain a lot of new, loud and peculiar sights and sounds.

When traveling on an overnight flight, you’re likely passing by and through the aforementioned qualities quite late at night and well past your child’s bedtime. It’s pretty much impossible for kids to remain sleeping through it all as you’re asked to remove them from the stroller or carrier through security (in most airports).  My son has been woken up countless times at this stage.

Next you’re on the air craft.  On over night flights, they dim the lights in anticipation of sleeping passengers and all is hush hush.  Food/beverage service is limited and most people curl up to sleep.  If you factor in someone’s crying, fussing baby, you’re looking at a potentially angry plane-load of people.


During the day, passengers tend to accommodate tantrums or upset infants with much more patience than they do on the overnight.  You’ve got less to entertain baby with and fewer people willing to help out.  All of this can really add to the stress of the parents trying to deal with the baby.

That said, it’s also a great opportunity to put infants into carriers and pace the likely low-traffic aisle all night if needed.  During busy daytime flights it’s impossible to get up enough speed/bounce/momentum to really lull your baby to sleep. But at night, you’ll likely have a clear aisle.  If the carrier method helps your baby sleep , this is a bonus.

All in all, you’re going to arrive at your destination and you’ll all survive.  The flight is such a small blip on the radar that all you really need to do is focus on keeping your children as comfortable as possible.


Eventually, they’ll fall asleep if they’re tried enough and if not, consider it your benefit because they’ll likely crash when they arrive thereby putting themselves on the local time zone without much effort on your part.


Safe travels



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