Coping with Cold & Flu

Note: While this post contains our genuine our views, and what we pack for our kids, it is in part sponsored by hydraSense® — but only because we partner with products that we believe in.


We’re often asked how we manage with illness on the road.  With cold and flu season upon us we figured it was a good time to share our must-haves.  We seriously don’t leave home without these items when we travel, especially when we have babies along for the journey.  Everything mentioned is easy and convenient to pack and we’ve never regretted setting aside room in our luggage for invaluable “care kits” as we call them.


(1) hydraSense® Nasal Aspirator

This aspirator comes as a compact kit for coping with nasal congestion on the road.  Most new moms hear of the peculiar “snot sucker” well before baby arrives; we actually received a kit at my baby shower.



Essentially, you place a clean filter inside the bulb, squirt some saline (from the clear tubes pictured above) into baby’s nose and then suck on the mouthpiece to draw out the mucus.  Contrary to some popular misunderstanding, the mucus stays in the aspirator.

The filter traps it there without entering the parents’ mouths. Filters are placed into the bulb to keep things sanitary.


 (2) Miniature humidifier

A compact humidifier is not only ideal for small nurseries, but it’s also perfect to take to hotel rooms.  We basically keep ours running for the duration of our trips to help prevent germs from settling in our babies. Hotel rooms are notoriously dry, recycled air so this is a great travel gadget.

(3) Nose wipes (with saline)

As adults we know how dry and sore our nostrils can get with a cold .  Nose wipes with saline prevent cracking of the delicate skin around the nostrils and mouth.

(5) Saline Sprays (hydraSense® Ultra-Gentle Mist)


We all know how great it feels to moisten your nose after a flight or a bout of dry air.

This product blew me away (we always try everything first before using them with our kids).  It’s a gentle, light mist that you spray into your child’s nose while he/she is laying down.  I found it really clears congestion and opens the airway.

For a video on how to use the nasal spray mist with your baby, watch the instructional video here.

(6) Love, warmth and ample cuddles.  These are free and always with you (no need to pack)

We’re huge proponents of the benefits of simple human touch.  If your kids want extra time on your lap, or snuggled beside you in bed, so be it.

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