Canadian Dollar gaining strength

As the Canadian dollar finally picks up some steam after months of dismal value, many more people are considering state-side end of summer vacations.  It’s always exciting to know that your dollar will go further than you anticipated, but don’t let its value shape your vacation.

There are plenty of ways to make the most of your money.  As the summer of 2016 nears the end, here are some ways to get more bank out of your buck:

(1) Travel during the week.  Weekends are (obviously) the busiest and most expensive times to travel.  Take those well-earned vacation days from work and head out between Monday and Friday instead of the usual long weekend.  Rates are almost always lower Tues-Thurs at resorts and hotels.

(2) Take advantage of reward programs.

From to CAA/AAA lots of programs offer free nights at hotels and resorts with a certain number purchased.  Look into these details.  Try google searching key sale terms like, “Great Wolf Lodge promotion codes” for example. Often times, this will turn up hidden sales on other websites that you otherwise may not have known about.

(3) Try camping or glamping.

A lot of families quote finances as a main reason they embrace stay-cations.  But camping or “glamping” (think paved lots, movie theatres in the park and so on) is another more afforable alternative.  As kids, we even set up tents in our backyards to enjoy the final weeks of summer.

(4) Look local.

Yes, it’s great to take advantage of a strong dollar, but often times you can end summer with a bang simply by embracing your own, local activities.  From town fairs and farms to drive-in theatres and the Canadian National Exhibition, there are plenty of calendar events left to explore during these final weeks of summer.

How do you and your kids make the most of these final weeks of summer?  Any creative ideas you’d like to share?





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