5 Must Know Summer Safety Tips

Summer Safety Tips

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As parents, we try to be as ready as we can for anything and everything.  We do a lot of research before, during and after our vacations to make sure we’re as prepared as we can be for varying conditions.  When it comes to travel, that often means preparing ourselves for encountering the unknown and unfamiliar (allergens, insects, foods etc)

Ahead of your summer activities, Benadryl released seasonal safety tips at a press event we attended:

Family Travel Guide

Benadryl Seasonal Safety Event, Toronto

(1) Restock your medicine cabinet for summer so you’re armed and ready in unexpected situations.  Pack up Children’s Benadryl Chewable for unexpected allergic reactions on-the-go as well as the more common items like Band-Aids, tweezers, gauze, ointment, pain relief etc.

(2) Bug bites are inevitable, but don’t fret  Try Benadryl Itch Spray to sooth those irritating bumps.

(3) Hydration is essential to your daily health, but did you also know that it can help to prevent allergy symptoms?  Be a role model to your kids and drinks lots of water and help your body react better to air allergens.

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(4)   Sun safety!  Keep SPF 30+ sunscreen, aloe and Benadryl Itch Cream handy to avoid sun burns and treat any dry, itchy areas after sun exposure.

(5) You can’t plan for everything, but you can feel more confident as a parent when you’re prepared for unexpected issues.  Keep a small safety kit on hand, in the car, or where ever you might be traveling…think hiking trails, parks, beaches and more .

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