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Maximize March Break with iPhone iPad & apps

On-the-go technology can be game changers for family travel. In fact, iPhones and iPads, and choice creative/ educational apps have saved our family vacations more times than we can count. Whether you’re…

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Off-Season Travel Caution

Visiting a top travel destination in the off-season is a highly sought out option for many families looking to vacation on a budget. It’s a great way to see and do the…

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What to Pack for Summer Outings with Toddlers

YAY!  Your summer vacation is almost here.  Time to pack those bags and get organized! Wondering what to pack for travel with toddlers?  Here is a basic list of some key essentials…

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Sheraton Vistana Villages, Orlando

Where to stay is a very popular question we receive — especially when it comes to notoriously family-friendly cities like Orlando, Florida.  Options seem endless and many families don’t know where to…

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The Toughest Infant Age/Stage for Travel

A lot of people think traveling with kids is difficult and it can be. But what’s the most difficult age and stage to deal with while in the air? In our opinion,…

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Manage Your Sleep Expectations

When traveling with your kids, expectations can be the death of you (as a parent) unless you set them really low. A friend recently asked (while in the midst of her vacation)…

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