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Over-Sold Flight

How to deal with “Over-Sold” Flights

Travel with kids often means extra planning. So, what happens when you end up booked on an over-sold flight? What does “Over-Sold” even mean? The more popular a route, the more likely…

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Overnight Flights with Young Kids

For years now, we’ve been putting off overnight flights with our kids simply due to fear: would they sleep? Would they keep everyone else up? How would we function [as parents] on…

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Getting Sick at Great Wolf Lodge

We’d heard a lot of rumors from other parents about the mysterious ‘Great Wolf Lodge Flu.’  The more we asked about it, the more stories we heard. When we researched the topic…

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Family Travel Guide

Coping with Seasonal Allergies While Traveling

When you’re on the road with your kids, preparedness is key.  Knowing how to treat something is half the battle.  Being prepared and actually “doing” something about it is the other component.…

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Eight Tips for Taking Toddlers To Great Wolf Lodge

If you’re planning a vacation, with your young children, to Great Wolf Lodge, here are some tips that we found helpful: (1) Dress tots in colourful tops The lodge is quite neutral…

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The 48-Hour Vacation

The 48-Hour-Vacation: How to do it  & Why You Should A lot of families are limited with their time off of work for holidays.  But, that doesn’t mean you can’t travel and…

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