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Looking for ways to get those dream gifts without spending a small fortune to acquire them?

The Dyson hairdryer or brand name kitchen appliances, for example?

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Hamilton Beach Searing Grill

I partnered with Air Miles this festive season to help spread the word about converting reward miles into gifts.  On their website, they’ve curated special gift lists (the foodie, techie, traveler and more) and offer up top ideas in exchange for your reward miles.  Collectors can browse their lists and then convert their miles into presents.  It’s such a simple, effective way to do your shopping.  It’s all done out of the comfort of your home and items get delivered to your door.  No more crowded malls or parking issues.

c/o Air Miles

Victorinox Swiss Army Dive Watch

You’re collecting your miles all year — this is such a great way to round it off — by redeeming them for must-have presents (for yourself or your family).  Most people associate their miles with daily cash rewards OR travel.  So this year, we’re hoping to spread some extra cheer by promoting the gift guide.

It’s one of those things that we all do and know about year round (collecting miles), but we don’t necessary remember to continually check out the website to see what we can get with our rewards.  Air Miles offers everything from deals of the week and travel to products and sweepstakes.  You’ll make the most of your rewards if you regularly check back to the website to see where you’re at and what you’ve earned.

So far, we’ve received a lot of messages from collectors who are loving their Fitbit and the bluetooth speakers that they’ve gotten for their miles. It’s one of those things where you feel as though you’re getting something for free — and you ARE!  So don’t break the bank this holiday season (a study from 2017 says, on average, Canadians spend $1507 each over the holidays).  Do good (for your gift list) and feel good (by saving money).

If you’ve still got shopping to do, don’t forget to visit Air Miles to redeem those miles!

NOTE: Items from the Gift Guide must be ordered by Dec 8, 2017 in order for items to be delivered on time.  But, even though the actual Gift Guide closes, you’ll still be able to access the standard rewards.



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