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Travel is getting easier and easier with the help of some entrepreneurial parents and companies.  Here are some recent;y featured products/gadgets:

(1) Kushies My Bag

This travel duffel for kids is perfectly designed to involve kids in packing and/or to keep things organized.

The bags come with pink or blue accents and come complete with a pillow, blanket and clearly marked bags (for inside the bag).  These insert bags are marked with terms like “laundry,” “PJs” etc.  It’s an easy way to send kids off to Grandma’s with confidence that she’ll find everything she needs.


(2) Medela Pump in Style

Breast pumps have come along way — so much so that I was able to use mine everywhere (planes, trains, in the car, in restaurants etc).  The Pump in Style is a complete package with a cooler, ice pack, plug as well as a three-hour battery life pump for on-the-go needs.

The actual bag is subtle, standard black (in over the shoulder or backpack style) that’s very discreet. I took mine to work and no one knew what it was — assuming it was my purse.


(3) Coco Belt

Safely and comfortably carry an infant car seat with the Coco Belt.  It’s essentially a simple strap that fastens around your infant car seat taking the weight off of your forearm or wrist. It’s great for travel when lugging the car seat through airports or train stations.  The seat rests against your hip and the weight is transferred to your shoulder.

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(4) Lug a Bug

This collapsible, lightweight fold-up seat straps onto any suitcase and transforms into a toddler chair.  It’s designed to help parents get through airports faster without the need of a stroller.  The Lug a Bug is designed for kids 2+ and up to 50 lbs.

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(5) iPad mini cases for kids

Parents are always searching for ways to keep expensive devices safe/secure during transit.  We tested a bunch and found Amazon to have the best selection.

Our favorites so far (that are shock proof, sturdy and use-friendly for kids) are the following:

Y&M Free standing foam case $24.99

Moko Kids Shock Proof case $20.99

Both have ideal handles for little hands and stand well on flat surfaces.

(6) iPad pro wireless keyboard cover

This case is amazing! It’s everything parents could want in a case and it ships overnight on Amazon.

  • Designed for iPad Pro 12.9. Ultra-low profile keyboard with options and iOS commandstimized key design for comfortable and fast-typing experience
  • High-quality hard clamshell case provides full-body protection to keep your iPad free from scratches, wear and tear; Full access to all ports.
  • Keyboard connects automatically
  • Rechargeable lithium battery gives keyboard up to 60 hours of continue usage on a single charge
  • Package includes: JETech wireless keyboard case, charging cable, user manual, 6-month warranty.


(7) “Are We There Yet” Lap Tray

Hands down our car-ride must-have for toddlers. This changed the entire experience. Whether your child is watching a movie, colouring, having a snack or relaxing, this lap tray transforms their car seat area into usable space.  As soon as we get in the car, we clip it onto the car seat and away we go.  Our son loves it.

The tray has a cushion bottom so it comfortably rests on your child’s lap.  There’s a snack cup/drink holder spot and a raised edge so crayons/toys/food won’t roll off.  Love this product!

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(8) Brica Go Boost Seat

Perfect for on-the-go dining!  This seat, by Brica, is super compact, fits in the overhead plane compartment and offers a sturdy, stable frame.  All straps tuck inside the seat area when transporting. There’s also a storage area under the seat for dining essentials.


(9) DockaTot

By far one of the most talked about travel items (parents want to know if it’s worth it), the DockATot is quickly becoming a household staple. It’s a perfect bed to travel from room to room, house to house, or house to hotel.

It’s designed to stimulate the comfy, secure confines of mama’s belly creating a cozy, safe space for baby (or toddler). The bed is made from hypoallergenic, breathable and lightweight fabric (in the cutest patterns/styles).

Price ranges from approximately $260 – $420 depending on size and fabric colour.  There’s a travel bag available as well to keep it protected throughout your journey.

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(10) Easy Peasy Patches

Easy Peasy Patches weren’t designed specifically for travel but they’re a great product because they mend pesky clothing issues when you’re on the go.  They’re also great for marking your luggage with unique, bright patterns and emblems.  They’re essentially like super strong stickers that patch over holes/tears etc but they’re durable and long lasting.

(11) Jaq Jaq Bird colouring on the go!

New to Canadian stores, the Jaq Jaq bird line of creative products uses a dust-less, wipe-off chalk, which is perfect for on-the-go entertainment.  It’s all part of the movement for screen-less playtime.  The chalk can be used on any non-porous surface so we’ve even used it on our stainless steel fridge.  Drawings wipe clean with some water.

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