The First Digital Check-In Solution from Rimowa


When contemplating the future of travel few people consider focusing on luggage — it’s usually about improving airlines, bookings, fares and so forth.  But, RIMOWA is changing all of that with the introduction of  their groundbreaking, digital suitcase: RIMOWA Electronic Tag.


With this new, slick suitcase, travelers can check-in their luggage at the time of flight check-in, from anywhere and simply drop it off at the airport (which means no lines).  Using a smartphone, you can link up your luggage to your flight and a digital baggage tag will appear directly on the suitcase.

Gone are the days of unclaimed luggage due to misplaced/ripped/torn/lost/mislabeled bags.

Right now, the company is working on securing North American airlines to link up with their service.  At the time of market launch, the RIMOWA Electronic Tag worked exclusively with Lufthansa. That said, the system will be continuously expanded to include other airlines, so be sure to monitor the growth.

For more information on these futuristic suitcases, visit the Rimowa website.



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