Simple Tips for Healthy Travels

Maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle while traveling isn’t always easy for a lot of busy families. In fact, a lot of people refer to airplanes, for example, as germ-infested sneeze tubes.  On top of the germs, you’ve got parents who often put their needs last and focus, instead, on preparing their kids for travel.

For those of you who are familiar with our lifestyle, Angie is somewhat of a clean-freak and health-nut.  We’re those notorious travelers who are always wiping down the plane seats, arm rests, seat belts, table trays and more.  She’s also always carrying a water bottle or protein shaker bottle.

Over the years, we’ve perfected an easy-to-follow healthy travel guide.  Here are a few of our simple tips to keep you feeling like your best self during your vacation:

(1) Amp up the vitamin C

Whether you snack on oranges or sip on a Vitamin C drink, keeping your immune system in top shape is key.  Focus on ensuring you’ve got an ample supply of immune boosters on hand like fresh clementines strawberries, tomatoes or broccoli.  A strong supplement on travel days can also help — like a 1000 mg vitamin C drink or vitamin.

(2) Pack the Protein

Don’t neglect your body on travel days.  Stash some nuts or high-protein veggies into your carry-on bag for a quick snack and nutritious boost.  So many parents get caught up in packing snacks and toys for their kids that they only realize they’re hungry when they’re standing in front of chips and candy.

(3) TruMarine Collagen Travel Packs

Collagen is one of the most important structural components of our bodies yet not a lot of people value the importance of replenishing our body’s supply.  A lot of people aren’t even clear about what it does for us, yet they’re seeing this new health buzz-term all over the place — Collagen?!  Essentially, as we age our body loses its ability to make collagen which can lead to sagging skin and wrinkles.  We (Rick and Angie) jumped on the collagen band wagon years ago when we were perfectly our daily protein shake recipe.

Scientific studies have shown that a daily intake of 5 grams of hydrolyzed marine collage results in significant anti-aging benefits within 4-8 weeks – TruMarine

Since then, we’ve settled on our preferred brand of WithinUs TruMarine Collagen.  We tried a lot of the other leading industry brands containing other forms of collagen but we noticed the biggest difference in our hair and nails once we consistently used TruMarine (read more about our actual product review here).  We add a scoop to our morning shakes and when we travel, we don’t like letting all of our hard work and routine slide.

Thankfully, there are actual travel packs now (which we gave as stocking stuffers to our nearest and dearest this festive season) so it’s super easy to grab and go.  You can mix it into your water or coffee on the plane, mix it into a shake in your hotel, or blend it with a fruit smoothie.  It’s definitely one way that we stick to our healthy routine when traveling and we know that we’re starting the day with a strong dose of “health.”

 (4) Antibacterial Wipes

If you’re a parent, then these are likely already in your carry-on bag but don’t forget to use them!  So many people carry them around for actual messes but it’s the bacteria that you can’t see that is usually the most harmful.  We use them liberally on airplanes to wipe down any public surface: arm rests, seat belts, touch screens, table trays, seat backs, head rests and so on.  They can be the difference between hand, foot & mouth…or not!

(5) Water

Sure, airport security has made it difficult to bring water with you on your travels, but don’t let it deter you.  We always bring an empty protein shaker  with us through the airport (because they’re gigantic and can double as my breakfast shaker each morning) and fill them up once we’re through security.  You’re then stocked for your journey and flight attendants are more than happy to keep it full for you (so they don’t have to keep coming back to you to fill up a tiny plastic cup).  There are also great bottles now that collapse entirely when empty and can attach to the outside of your carry-on for easy transportation.


Element The Anti-Bottle Water

Vapur Bottle from MEC, $18

Keeping your body in fine form has never been easier than it is now.  Companies are working hard to bring the healthiest options to you in travel size.  Remaining healthy during your travels is key to a fun trip.  And if mom and dad feel great, they’re more likely to take great care of the rest of the troop.

What are your go-to travel essentials for a healthy voyage?  Send us a message so we can spread the knowledge.


Safe travels!


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