Safety First Swivel Bath Seat review

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After searching and buying baths for two babies, I feel like we’ve pretty much tried them all.

From the whirlpool baby bath, mesh seat and blow up bath to co-bathing, the swivel seat and infant bath tub, our two youngest have seen them all.

Before ordering the Safety First Swivel Bath Seat from we asked a few other friends and bloggers about it.  To be honest, most feedback wasn’t the greatest.  Parents had heard of them toppling over and acquiring mold in the underside.

But with our toddler desperately pleading to bath with our infant we needed to find something that would secure him, safely, in the tub.

So, we ordered it.

It suctions very easily to the bottom of the tub and remains put even with our 17 lb baby leaning over to the side. It unfastens by pulling on small green tabs that break the seal on the underside suction cups.

If you’re thinking about buying it, this is what we’d recommend:

  •  Remain the bathroom at all times while the seat is occupied (as instructed on the package and of course, using common sense)
  • Always unfasten the suction cups and spin the bottom of the seat to remove as much water drops as you can at the end of the bath (to combat mold)
  • Rest it on it’s side to drain the water over night (will combat potential mold)
  •  Try to keep your baby as upright as possible to avoid the crotch being smushed up against the middle plastic post
  • Use caution when pulling baby up out of the seat.  We’ve noticed red scrape marks on our babies back and legs from where the plastic rubbed against him during the bath
  • Follow the fill lines indicated on the seat


Overall, a useful seat for an infant who is able to sit on his/her own. It’s great for bathing multiple small children and keeping them each separate.


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