REVIEW: Designer Ergo Baby Winter Edition

I’m slowly morphing into a baby carrier hoarder and apparently this is a common illness among new parents.

I’ve heard of some people accumulating upwards of seven different styles in attempt to find their ideal baby-mate.

We’re on number three and prefer each one for different reasons/occasions.  But, when it comes to cold, Canadian winters, nothing beats this new find of mine:the Ergo Baby Designer Collection, Winter Edition.

Prior to finding this newest purchase in a Winners store, I bundled up via the typical layering route.  With both my Baby Bjorn Mesh Carrier and my standard Ergo Baby, I bought thick covers for the cold, wet months.  What this ends up meaning is bulk.

carrier side2

My standard Ergo Baby carrier strapped on first

carrier side

Ergo Baby carrier with the Jolly Jumper brand cover over top

I actually found these covers (whether the carrier brand name or Jolly Jumper brand) added extra weight, contributing to discomfort on long walks (which I tend to take when traveling).  The neck strap (seen below) fastens to the cover and then simply loops around your next and surrounds your babe.  Although it appears super lightweight, when you wear it for an hour or so…ugh, not so much.  My neck always gets sore.

neck strap   neck strap2

Over time, this strap starts to feel like it weighs another 10 pounds.  Especially when you’ve got the cover tucked snugly around your baby.

When I found the winter edition of the Ergo Baby carrier I definitely hmmmmed and hawed over it.  It felt a bit redundant to have two carriers of the same style and brand.  But in the end I kept it and have come to love the new one like a second child.

While my standard Ergo Baby is optimal for travel with my baby who prefers to sleep on his stomach (this is the closest way to mimic that position while on the road) when I add the cover to it, there’s an extra “blanket” to worry about/position/carry/wear/support.


Our baby set up in the Ergo Baby carrier for nap time on a plane

Then, I prefer the Baby Bjorn for quick jaunts in stores or when I think my son will benefit from having outward facing views (new places, animal sanctuaries and so on).  I did buy the Baby Bjorn cover for this one but it’s more of a thick fleece and I still bundle him up and find the hood slightly cumbersome.


Forward facing for a stroll down Naples Pier


With the winter edition, you’ve got thick quilted lining with trim to weather the elements.  It’s also got a detachable hand muff so mama doesn’t need to worry about finding her mittens before heading out.

carrier white

You’re able to use your bare hands to access the baby when needed and then shove them into warmth.  That being said, I do find the muff in an awkward position (it is a little low for my liking) so I tend to detach it and wear it where it feels most ergonomically appropriate (but then you’ve got this muff to deal with when you need to address your infant’s needs as it is now loose).

carrier muff

Hand muff is a little low for me. Maybe I have a short torso but it is something to consider…

In the warmer weather, the lining is then removable.  And presto…you’ve got a lightweight, white fabric carrier offering the same ergonomic seating position without the dark colours.

white summer

I am extremely happy with this purchase despite having one already.  I use it all the time and people regularly stop me on the street asking where it came from.  It’s stylish, chic, lightweight and warm.  Worth a review and worth the investment.

Two thumbs up for sure.


Happy Travels & Happier Shopping




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