REVIEW: Bugaboo Buffalo


Ever since my first pregnancy, I’ve acquired an obsession with strollers.  We live downtown Toronto in a walker’s neighborhood so essentially the stroller is my car, purse, shoes and outfit all rolled in to one.  Because of those reasons, I’ve test driven quite a few brands and styles in hopes of finding my ideal vehicle/accessories.

Here’s my review on the BUGABOO BUFFALO

  1.  Is It Easy to Use?  With two young children and stairs leading to our front door, it’s imperative that our stroller is easy to take up/down the stairs.  The lightweight frame is definitely user friendly with very few latches, buttons and so on.  I am 5’5″ and of petite size and I can maneuver the Buffalo myself (up and down stairs)
  2. Is It Comfortable & Secure for Baby? Whether we are on vacation or walking our own urban neighborhood, my husband and I often take the boys for long excursions; therefore, comfort is a huge “must-have” function in our strollers.  Many moms have asked me about my experience with the Bugaboo brand and the first thing I say is, “this is definitely the luxury vehicle of strollers.”  Price point aside, the Buffalo glides over streetcar/railway tracks, sidewalk bumps and more.  I don’t even know how to explain it other than it feels as though your child gets a much smoother ride than top competitive brand strollers.  It’s similar to the difference between riding in a rickety taxi cab versus a cushy, luxurious LR4, Escalade or Mercedes SUV.  The ride is smooth.
  1. Does it look attractive? Because strollers are often a daily-use vehicle for parents, buying something that looks good can have value to modern families.  The Bugaboo Buffalo (and all of the slick colour options) is definitely a head-turner.  Our limited edition Diesel stroller (covered in denim, patches and copper) is a huge hit.  This basically takes the Canadian Tuxedo (denim top with denim bottom) to a whole new level.  2016-02-04 11.39.34
  2. Is there storage (for diaper bag etc)?  There is undercarriage storage for a diaper bag as well as an 18 lb handle bar limit.  It works for quick, daily jaunts.
  3. Does it fit in a car? The seat detaches from the frame into two parts and both fit into a standard trunk space. One thing to consider is that the seat is just as long as the frame (since the foot rest doesn’t adjust) so it’s best to stack it in the base.
  4. Are there a variety of options and configurations?  The seat adjusts up and down (as expected) and can face forward/backward.  Once you purchase a seat it can then be used in various other Bugaboo brand frames (like the jogger). With the simple press of a button the entire stroller collapses very easily.  2016-02-25 12.50.01
  5. Does it handle all four seasons (including snow, rain and ice)?   We live in the heart of a major city where walking is often much easier than driving (in rain, shine or snow).  We tested the Buffalo on snowy, slick and muddy trails and it’s a beast in the best way possible.  You’ve nothing to worry here.  It seriously glides over and through all terrain.
  6. Does it work for newborns? Besides having a bassinet/pram option for the smallest of babies, the Bugaboo Buffalo seat also works…with extra padding to secure your wee one.  We simply transferred an infant ‘insert’ from another brand stroller into the seat and used it right away with our newborn.  Obviously, reclining it back fully helps as well.  5
  7. Is it worth the price?  When compared to other top strollers, the Bugaboo is priced competitively.  There’s an ease with which you can transfer component parts to other Bugaboo items and there’s a ton of accessories to make sure your stroller lasts from birth to pre-school.
  8. Does it hold its value for resale?  We’ve had friends sell their Bugaboo brand strollers on various websites (like Craigslist, Kijiji and Facebook mom groups) and they received multiple offers that have led to bidding wars.  One friend even sold it for 3/4 of their purchase price and it was 3 years old.  The frame is classic and iconic (with the white details) and those who know of the solid reputation are willing to pay.



I absolutely LOVE the denim design, the copper details and the over-sized blue wheels! I feel ‘put together’ and on-trend when I’ve got this slick stroller in front of me.  It’s seriously the ultimate completion to the Canadian Tuxedo.  Denim, denim and more denim, baby!!


 2016-03-03 15.30.22 HDR

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