Review: Abundance Naturally Baby Bum Spray

It’s no secret that I like to clean.  Whether we’re talking about hotel rooms or baby bums, it’s all about making things spotless, germ free and comfortable.

When we’re traveling, we often don’t have the luxury of a diaper change area near a sink.  In fact, sometimes we don’t have water nearby, whatsoever.

I was introduced to Abundance Baby Bum-Bum Spray before my first son was born and I am pretty sure I gave it away to someone else thinking it was silly.

How wrong I was…

I now have this stuff on repeat order in my Amazon account and it’s in every room at home as well as in my travel bag.

It’s an all natural product that helps to remove stubborn poops or overnight urine from baby’s skin.


It’s much like a light mist that never seems to get cold (neither son complains when I spray him) that helps to loosen baby messes making for easier clean-up.

I love using it after I take off those over night diapers.  It’s an awesome product in addition to wipes OR for when your baby has a rash and you want to avoid wipes.

I hope this was helpful!

Happy travels.

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