Recommiting to Jack’s Potty Training Path


We’ve traveled a lot lately (Vermont, Florida, Ottawa, Vancouver), and while it’s been exciting, the trips put a wee dent in our parental path.  Now that we’ve got a break in travel plans, it’s time to recommit to two big tasks: (1) Potty Training Jack; (2) Night Weaning Harrison.

In terms of potty training, we started with Jack late last summer as part of an exciting partnership with Pull-Ups, but since then I’ve flaked in terms of my commitment.  Rick and I use travel as a crutch — figuring that since we’re always on the go, it’s too hard of a task to tackle.  But, there’s actually a lot of resources to help people stay committed while traveling.

Our biggest error so far is putting Jack into Pull-Ups (with a big, grand, exciting gesture to kick things off) and then resorting to diapers again (which is a big no-no) when things feel tough. The mom guilt is then HUGE — I feel like I broken a promise to my child…a promise to help him achieve this exciting accomplishment.  I sometimes forget that he can’t take the reigns on this. If I don’t partner with him and be his teammate on this, he can’t do it.  And, it’s not fair to him.  The older Jack’s getting the harder it is because now he can blatantly say, “no” to going on the potty and then soil himself without a care.


But, no more excuses for us! I’m excited to recommit to this journey with Jack and see his face light up every time he interacts with potty training apps, activities, games and rewards.  There are a ton of tools and resources for families on this same path.  Staying focused and dedicated is one of the biggest pieces of advice from potty training experts (and most moms who have done it already) so that’s my plan this time around.

Our tips to getting started:

  •  Stay consistent and partner with your child

  • Make the experience fun and engaging for the family

  • Don’t take it too seriously or get stressed out.  Children thrive on routine and with your patience, reassurance and dedication

  • Along with stickers, books and small toys, remember to reward your child with ample snuggles, hugs and loving

I’m excited to say that we’ve partnered with Pull-Ups again to help leverage our own experience to help other families.  We’ll be documenting it all on our social media using #PottyPartnership so the posts are easy to find. I’d love to hear your stories and tips as well so feel free to directly connect with us on this.  Engaging with you will also help us stay accountable while on this journey.


Pull-Ups Potty Training Hub

Potty Training while Traveling

Note: this post is sponsored in part by Pull-Ups but reflects our own genuine experience and journey.

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