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This morning on CHCH Morning Live Bob and I chatted about some innovative and must-have Canadian products.  Here’s a list and a direct link for more information:

(1) Lighthouse Lemonade

Lighthouse Lemonade is a Canadian maritime classic tradition — it’s a concentrated lemonade drink made from simple ingredients.  The product skyrocketed to fame when it was served to Prince William and Duchess Kate in 2011 as part of their royal reception, in Ottawa.

The recipe has been around since the 1800’s (passed down from generation to generation) and is currently managed by a mom of four kids — Jill Lewis (who is also an accomplished athlete as well as being an entrepreneur)

To buy:

In Hamilton area: The Horn of Plenty in Dundas

For more information click their link: Lighthouse Lemonade

(2) Abeego

Abeego is a breathable beeswax food wrap. It basically picks up where the skins and peels leave off — allowing your food to continue to live well after it’s been sliced and diced.  The product is a healthier way to store your food.

Abeego recently appeared on Dragon’s Den and the owner struck a deal with TWO dragons. There’s a reason it’s such a big hit (even with cut throat business people like the cast on the hit CBC show)

To buy and for more information: Abeego

(3) Beekeepers Naturals

This is a line of Canadian, sustainably harvested bee products: from bee pollen to royal jelly.  The company doesn’t use any chemicals and never over harvests. It’s the closest you can get to working with and living with the bees, in nature, while still benefiting from their production/products.

Many of the products are touted as nature’s antibiotics (I am obsessed with their Bee Powered product and use it daily for energy, clarity and immunity).  Propolis spray is amazing for those with throat irritations, travel, allergies and so much more.  You can shop online (and have it shipped to your home) or find a health store nearest you via their website.

For more information and to buy: Beekeepers Naturals


(4) Lazy Pants

Lazy Pants are a must-have addition to any wardrobe.  We had to mention them because they’re honestly one of the most comfortable products you can add to your collection.  They’re a classic, high-quality sweat pant that celebrities can’t get enough of.  They’re appropriate for any age and style.  We’ve seen them paired with heels and denim jackets while others simply wear them home from the gym.  The company launched in 2012 in Toronto and immediately got into the hands of the worlds most fashionable people via the Toronto International Film Festival gifting lounges.

To buy: Sporting Life, The Bay, Sport Chek

More information: Lazy Pants

(5) Le Chateau

Le Chateau is a great Canadian success story and currently offers some of the top trends, bridal, menswear and basics, at competitive prices.

The store started in 1959 as a menswear boutique but is now renowned for it’s current, fashionable finds.

In 2012 the company went through a major overhaul with stores transforming into chic boutiques and expanding their offerings. There’s offer an exclusive Canadian section that you can check out online.

Staff at CHCH couldn’t get enough of the incredible spring patterns, shoes and accessories.  It was basically like a mini popup shop.

To buy locally: Limeridge Mall or any major mall near you

For more information or to shop online: Le Chateau

 (7) Mimitens

Mimitens started in Toronto by a mom who couldn’t find mittens that would stay on her kids hands.  She invented a mitten with a sleeve the securely remains on kids arms holding the mittens in place.  She’s now expanded to include boots (for baby wearing moms) that slip on and have a secure legging, as well as Canadian made/designed waxed cotton bags, ball caps (new Era quality/brand), adult accessories and stroller bags.  The entire collection is available online or you can find it at many children’s shops across the GTA.

To shop online: Mimitens

(8) Flawless by Friday

Although we ran out of time (which often happens in TV) we have to mention Flawless by Friday.  Everyone was talking about it around the office because it’s such an innovative beauty idea: essentially, the Canadian beauty company (started by Brittany Skylar) offers a mask system that you apply each day for a week (or for men it’s a three-day system).  The belief is that the right combination of products, in the right order will have the best affect on your skin.  It’s all about minimizing time and maximizing affects.  Prices are very competitive and they’re currently appearing all over social media influencers.  They’re definitely a company to watch.

To buy: The Hudson’s Bay, Saks Fifth Avenue. select salons/spas

For more information: Flawless by Friday

(9) Frascara

For those asking about my dress, it too is a Canadian brand — Frascara Design.

To buy or for more information: Frascara Design


NOTE: None of the content is sponsored.  These are genuinely amazing finds that we love to promote and support.  To submit your brand for future consideration, please contact us.


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