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American Ninja Warrior Set

American Ninja Warrior is taking the world by storm and the interest is affecting people of all ages; it’s not just for Americans or Ninjas.  We first started watching this energy-packed program with my step-son when he was nine or 10 years old.  It’s such an easy show to watch as a family because everyone can guess whether a contestant will make it or not and the back-stories of the warriors are often fascinating.  We’d find ourselves trying out weird jumps off of furniture after watching people battle it out on the creative, impressive courses.

We’re now seeing Ninja style training facilities (Parkour) popping up everywhere offering everything from professional training to summer camps for kids.  We’ve tried those out too in Toronto.  They offer good bang for your buck so long as their not too crowded.

Now, you can actually get kits that can transform your own yard or local park into a fun, family-friendly obstacle course.  It’s also a great addition to cottage games.  Since we’re all about getting people active and outdoors, we had to try this out.

You can buy the sets online or at retailers like Target in the States and Mastermind in Canada.

The kits seem standard enough (at this point I’ve only opened up packaging) and easy to set up. These kits allow mom and dad to create a fun training facility at a much cheaper price too!

I chatted with Mark, who works with ANW products in Canada, and he gave us some interesting insight:

  • Feed back is our products that include Ninjalines, Ziplines and Slackline truly get our kids off their technology willingly
  • Available for consumers to buy online at
  • CDN Retailers are looking to offer it in Canada Soon

Apparently, kids are even hosting Ninja Warrior style birthday parties, which I can imagine my sons growing to love as they get a bit more agile.

We’ll be trying this line out and letting you know how it goes!


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