New Product Launch: Pampers Pure Collection

Pampers Pure

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We just received a package from Pampers that intrigued us and some of our mom friends: the new Pampers Pure Collection.

They’re a one-of-a-kind diaper (so far in the market) that combines the comfort you’re used to providing your babies with improved ingredients and materials.  In a nut shell, Pampers Pure diapers and wipes were designed by a mom (Sara) who gave birth to preemie twins and wanted to offer them the best.  She’d already been trying and testing diapers for years when it finally became personal to her.

The Pure Collection still offers the same dryness protection but has NO chlorine bleach, NO fragrance, NO rubber latex and is free of some top allergens.  They also come in cute designs.

They look the same (and are the same sizing from N to 5) but they’re a bit more lightweight and don’t have any scent.  For some moms who found their noses ultra sensitive post-baby (we had one comment that popular diapers often smelled like bleach once baby urinated in them) these diapers are a new option.

You can find them on Amazon (in Canada) and in major retailers.  If you’re not sure if they’re in a store near you, you can check online.

For more information: click here.

Note: this post is not sponsored but trial diapers were received in-kind with no expectation of a review.



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