My Root Regrowth Beauty Trick!

I feel as though I have a fourth child in my house – my hair!  My long, thick locks require a lot of attention and maintenance, regular doctor (salon) appointments, and it can be a total pain in my butt.  But, I love it nonetheless.   See!  It’s another kid!

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Keeping up with it can be costly so I’m all about finding ways to cut corners while still maintaining my appearance.  One of the biggest pains for me is my root re-growth.  I have a few bold grey hairs along my part that are in such stark contrast to my dark hair.  

I feel as though they’re like a lighthouse on top of my head.  I struggled with temporary fixes for years until I discovered L’Oreal Magic Root Cover Up Spray and the pen.

Note: this post is sponsored yet all views and opinions are truly my own.  I actually used this product LONG before this partnership came about.  I’m honoured to help the L’Oreal Hair team spread the word to other women and men who need that great quick fix. I’ve tried powders and gels and nothing else works like this stuff!  I promise…

Now, before any big event, TV appearance, photo shoot or daily outing, I feel much more confident because I know I can expertly cover my roots in a pinch. 

Here’s how it works for me:

  • When I notice my grey roots growing in I style my hair and then assess any visible areas.
  • I use the Magic Precision pen for any specific small areas (like my temple or random hairs here and there)
  • Then I apply the spray for the entire root line along the top of my head.
  •  Style and go!

The pen is a great tool if you have a few bold hairs in certain areas.  I use it a lot when I pull my hair back into a pony tail and one or two random (bold) greys that are underneath my hair become much more visible.  I simply use the pen to cover that specific hair. 

When I need more coverage on a larger area, or I simply want things to look more uniform, I reach for my Cover Up spray.  It’s more like an aerosol in that it comes out like hair sprays and covers more area within seconds. 

We’ve all likely had those pesky stripes from multiple root touch ups in the salon (if they use different shades).  The spray is great at making the top of your head/hair much more uniform.

I actually won’t leave home without it now so whenever we travel on vacation, it’s a part of my makeup bag.   It’s essentially as important to me as a mascara or bronzer…

So if you’re in need of a quick fix that looks salon quality and doesn’t permanently change your hair, give the L’Oreal Root Cover Up and Precision stick a try!

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