GIVEAWAY!!Thomas & Friends TM TrackMaster Scrapyard Playset

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‘Tis the season for giving and we’re about to do just that!

We’ve partnered with Mattel to giveaway one of the hottest toys of the holiday season – the Thomas & Friends TM TrackMaster Scrapyard Escape Set. If you’ve got Thomas & Friends fans in your house, or school-aged kids in general, you’ll want to read on!

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GIVEAWAY! Thomas & Friends TrackMaster Scrapyard Playset!

We tried out the set to see how our kids would interact with it. The box itself excited them immediately because Thomas is sitting up top on the package in a clear, sealed area.

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Thomas & Friends TrackMaster Stockyard Playset Packaging

Then, as we opened up each piece, the kids took their time examining each part (my toddler thoroughly inspected each component – I could
see his ‘wheels turning,’ so to speak).  The play set is intended for children aged 3+ and our two oldest kids had such a blast putting it all together.

I built it alongside my kids.  We took our time and really enjoyed the family interaction. We actually ran into one small glitch (we forgot to add a short piece of
track to lengthen one section) and problem solving the situation was all part of the fun.  We’ve been collecting Thomas the Train sets for the past 18 months and the TrackMaster sets are always a favourite with the kiddos because Thomas (and his friends) can motor along the tracks on their own (just be sure to have two triple A batteries on hand).

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Thomas the Train, C/O

Our boys are always looking for ways to rebuild the tracks by combining pieces from different sets, and the Scrapyard playset comes with some innovative parts – like the ramp that moves up and down once the train rides over it and the yellow hooks that scoop up the scraps from Thomas’s freight wagon.

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Scrapyard Playset innovative design, c/o

Why your kids will love this playset:
(1) The bottom line is – this set is fun, which is basically all your kids will care about.

(2) It’s fast-moving. The train speeds along the track creating excitement with your kids as Thomas
loads and delivers scrapyard items. Thomas is clearing on a mission in this set.
(3) It’s interactive. Our kids loved trying to keep pace with Thomas – picking up the scrapyard items
and putting them back for him to collect as he circled back around the track.
(4) The track engages kids. There are hills, bumps, twists and turns, which elevates this playset
from other standard train sets. Thomas zips up the hill, across a ramp and more.
(5) The train is motorized. Kids can choose to push Thomas along the tracks themselves or turn on
his motor and watch him go!

Why parents will love it:
(1) The TrackMaster sets engage kids because there’s so much for them to do with it. You can take
it apart and connect it with other tracks from the same set to create something entirely new,
which means for bang for your budget.
(2) It’s easy to assemble. I built it myself when my husband was out of town and it was totally
doable. The kids got involved and helped pick out the right pieces and we finished it in no time.
We made it a family activity. There are no screws or troublesome pieces. You just click it all
together and add the stickers.
(3) It’s a timeless toy. Thomas has been around for decades and kids grow a real attachment to
Sodor and all of the trains. There’s a great resale value on all Thomas toys or they’re even
better keepsakes to keep around for future generations.

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Overall, this is a great gift option for under the tree or for your family to commemorate the new year. We often buy these sets, on sale, and then put them away for a “rainy day”. When the kids are sick or mom and dad
simply need to get some work done, we’ll bring out a new train set and let the boys get creative.

We’ve giving one lucky family the opportunity to add this playset to their toy collection for FREE!!  To enter the giveaway, simply go to @AngieCampanelli on Instagram and like the image and tag another friend or family who will love the set too! It’s that easy! Winner will be chosen on Dec 20th.


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